Worx 12-Amp All-in-One Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

Worx 12-Amp All-in-One Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum
Price: $41.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Worx 12-Amp All-in-One Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum
Price: $41.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Dec 25 to Monday, Dec 30) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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While this is a good value, don’t make the mistake of grabbing this one with plastic blades. The 502 model has metal blades and can hold up. One good stick or random stray piece of plastic in your lawn or leaf pile and this thing is done.

I have this. I bought mine new at Lowes. You should know:

  1. The seams on the bag are not sewn very well. Mine split after about a day and needed to be re-sewn.
  2. The suction drops dramatically as the bag fills, and the bag fills fast.
  3. The mulcher doesn’t do much to mulch wet leaves.
  4. If you tree has compound leaves, like a honey locust, the main stems won’t vacuum well, and if you force it the vac will clog. Likewise pine needles.

On big, dry, single leaves, it saves a lot of time and a lot of leaf bags. So, I have mixed feelings about mine, but the price here sure is better than what I paid.

Home Depot has a lot of good reviews

Time to check out the product page and let’s learn all about the warranty


I don’t have the worx, I have the homelite version, but I was surprised by how much I liked having the bagging feature. I originally just wanted a blower since my old one died. After mowing the yard, I typically blow most back into the grass and have a small pile (usually with pine cones and needles) left. I then had to bend over and use a dust pan and 15 minutes later, I might have it all. then get the blower out and clean that spot.

with the vacuum, I just attach the bag, suck it all up (go slow with big piles of needles). after I get it all bagged, pull the bag off and blow the area clean. takes about 1 minute and I don’t have to hull out an extra broom and dustpan.

Do you know if the blade can be changed to the metal one? Or, how much a replacement plastic one costs? Or, can the blade be replaced at all? Ugh, so many questions! Thanks

I received one of these as a gift about three years ago. The vacuum works well for light jobs, the blower is kinda meh. The instructions say to only use it with dry leaves and that’s okay, because it doesn’t work well with wet leaves anyway. (Make sure the bag is dry before storing if used with anything wet.) Mine is used mostly for a Chinese dogwood, with some spot leaf pickup where my apricot, cherry, and hazelnut trees overhang lawn. I have also used it with ivy I had pruned along the curb - worked great for removing the debris from the street. I have had no problems with the bag quality, but it does fill up quickly. I only use it once or twice a year. It’s comfortable for the first couple of bags, but by the time I’ve finished four or five, my forearm and wrist are sore. Again, it’s best for small areas and light leaf pickup.

What plavacek said. Though the bag on mine has held up well.

It’s better than I thought it would be, but my expectations were pretty low. I bought it as a blower because it was cheap, but have been using it as a vac/mulcher because it’s fine for the light clean leaves that my apple tree drops.

I bought this to replace a Sharper Image cordless, which was soooo nice. It’s heavy and awkward, and it’s a PITA to drag the cord around. I haven’t used the mulching function, but it blows very well. It’s just not as convenient (or powerful) as cordless, so it doesn’t get out daily like the cordless did.

I bought the same one but with metal blades and happy I did. It was $67 at Lowes (and 69 on Amazon), but is new and has metal blades which are worth the difference in price IMO.

I had seen the Infomercial quite a few times and until this review video, I always wondered why it had that very bulky looking double barrel. I thought it was just to give it a more techy impression.

Now I understand the bottom barrel is “the blower” and it is just the switch that diverts the vacuum tube’s air away from the bag to the blower tube. So, doesn’t that mean that when you use the blower, it’s still technically vacuuming. Or to put it in a more crass manner, it sucks and blows at the same time.

The blade is manufactured/snapped in place and I would not recommend trying to replace with the metal. The metal impeller has a blender type blade that actually helps break down the material better, but overall machine performance – plastic vs metal is about the same.

I owned a machine like this with a plastic blade. It was difficult to live and work with, regardless of what anyone tells you. I have since changed over and gave the other machine away. What’s wrong with the plastic blade?..

First of all it does not really mulch leaves as well as a machine with the metal blade. Not even nearly as well, particularly when the leaves are moist. The plastic blade will clog easily, requiring that you stop everything, remove the bag and manually clear the log jam. The metal blade just eats through everything (almost) that it sucks up. Finally, the metal blade makes a much finer mulch, requiring much less space.

The bag on this machine is much too small. This makes working with it more difficult, as the vacuum works less efficiently as the bag fills up. Also, you obviously need to empty it more frequently, requiring more time on your part.

I have the plastic blade model and I’ve had good experience with mine. I’ve had it since Father’s Day this year and have used it several times with few issues.

I still rake the leaves in a big pile then use the vac to suck them up and mulch them. It does a good job reducing the volume of the leaves - reduced by about 1/4th (8 bags down to 2 - 2 ½)

The bag is small, but I wouldn’t want it much bigger because I wouldn’t want to lug around too much more weight. The bag ripped at the top where it meets the plastic connector.

I don’t use the blower feature that often.

Good value at $50

Can this (or any leaf blower) be used as a snow blower?
I know this might be a stupid question. If so, my excuse is that I’m a Los Angeles native lost in New England.
That is, although deep down I believed snow existed, practically speaking it was less real to me than Santa Claus.

I have this blower/vac. I bought it for $10 off Craigslist less than 2 years ago when my other blower died. For $10 I’m happy with it. No issues with the bag or plastic blades. I only use it on leaves though. It’s a bit heavy to walk around with for a great length of time. I have a corner lot with sidewalk and am pretty particular about getting the grass clippings cleared away. The power is just fine for both blower and vac.

The cord is a bit annoying as I have a lot of ground to cover. I can’t quite reach to the edge of my property without changing to another outlet. That’s more a limitation of electric blowers and my extension cord than it is for this blower specifically.

Having researched blowers quite a bit over the past year I would have trouble paying Woot’s asking price whether new or reconditioned.

Good grief, no.
A snowblower has a hand-eating auger blade on front to eat through snow banks. You push it like a mower… More like a tiller, really. It is a tiller… For snow. Snow is heavy and dense. It collapses roofs and blocks your car in forever. It won’t be sucked up or blown around by a handheld tool… Unless that tool is a shovel in your hands. Maybe the term snow THROWER would help describe the differences between these outdoor machines.