WORX 20-Volt Trimmer/Blower with Battery and Charger

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WORX 20-Volt Trimmer/Blower with Battery and Charger
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120 mph for a blower isn’t going to move much. I was thinking about getting this for when I didn’t feel like plugging in the blower I use to clean some parks, but its rated for 220 mph and I sometimes find its power lacking.

I looked very closely at the copy and it looks like you get only one battery. If so, that’s a deal breaker! What happens after you’ve finished the trimming and got clippings all over the side walks and driveway? I guess you go in the house, put the battery on charge and fall asleep on the couch. Not for me!

I bought this from a big box a few weeks ago when I was looking for something more convenient than my electrics. Mine came with two batteries and I can trim and blow clippings with one battery, though I don’t have a whole lot to trim. The trimmer works well for the typical fence lines and walkways. I haven’t tried it on anything real thick yet. The blower is a bit lacking and only good for grass clippings and blowing off your driveway. Come fall I don’t see it doing much more than small amounts of dry leaves.

I agree -I bought this last year and it came with 2 batteries-love the fact that I no longer have to fool with cords or gas and oil. Perfect for our townhouse and me. The blower will do leaves but not huge amounts. I love these things!!

Owned both of these tools for a few years now. Work great! Have a big yard and way easier than corded or gas for jobs like blowing the driveway or deck clean and trimming around sidewalks. The blower is not for moving heavy leaves off grass but easily takes care of leaves and other debris on hard surfaces.

Battery lasts about 15-20 minutes. My tools were bought separately so have two batteries.

Lowes had this similar Black & Decker pair on sale for $79.99 a few weeks ago:


I was surprised at the power of both for being battery-powered. The blower is also rated 120mph like this one, but did a good job of blowing the dust and grit out of the garage. Don’t think I’d attempt to use it to blow leaves off anything but a small yard though.

Worx products look good too, but figured I’d let people know about the Black & Decker option, as you might find more variety in their 20V system (drills, drivers, circular saws, etc).

Bought the blower on Woot around 2 years ago. I have a gas blower, but wanted this as an easy alternative for my wife to use around pool, on deck, and brick patio. It’s worked great for that, still going strong. Will buy another one for work when/if the blower comes up on its own.

I got the B&D refurb from Woot a year or more ago and then picked up a drill. So 3 tools, 3 batteries, and 2 chargers. I’m pleased with it. Just know with “blowers” like these (B&D purposefully calles it a sweeper) you won’t be moving anything wet. It’s just for sweeping out garage or driveway after you mow or weedeat.

How many batteries does this have?

I paid $119 for this combo at Lowe’s just a couple weeks ago. It came with two batteries, whereas this kit comes with one. Depending on where you look that’s not eBay, an extra battery will likely run you about fifty bucks. So… I’m feeling pretty OK about “missing” this deal.

I am loving the trimmer/edger. It’s super light and easy to use. My edges are immaculate now. :slight_smile: Vast improvement from my gas powered trimmer.

I would consider this set “light duty” for sure. Works great for my lawn clippings. I’ll probably stick with my corded blower/vac for fall leaves. I can usually trim/edge/clear my driveway, sidewalk, and patio on one battery - maybe 30 mins, but it gets pretty tired. I have had to switch batteries on occasion.

Of course, your mileage may vary. :slight_smile:

EDIT: the trimmer model I have is WG155. I see this one is different. The blower looks the same, though.

Thanks for all the feedback above. I just moved in to a townhouse with two moderately-sized patios and a small patch of lawn. It takes me longer to roll up the cords on my electrics than it does to blow and trim. These sound like a great alternative.