WORX 24V Trimmer/Edger and Blower Combo

**Item: **WORX 24V Trimmer/Edger and Blower Combo
Price: $114.99
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Condition: New

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Good reviews, and lots of info on the Product Page

Mixed reviews at Amazon. Just had dinner with a friend who has this and loves it.

3.5 Star average from plenty of users on Amazon

Check out the WG167 in action [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuJ6kxLXu_g]

Anyone have any personal experience using this with the wheels positioned underneath the safety guard, for trimming around concrete landscape edging/fence line/etc? My wife has some wrist problems and holding a trimmer for any length of time is painful…our 19.2V Craftsman is much lighter than our old gas trimmer but still problematic. Seems these wheels may be just the thing.

1 battery, so you can EITHER edge, or use the blower, but not both.
Am I reading that right? Odd.

A weed-whacker on wheels? That’s a solution without a problem.

Can you use an edger and blower at the same time? If so, you should be on AGT.

It’s for edging your lawn. You roll it over a driveway or sidewalk.

There should be a penalty to pay for the guy who dreamed up packaging 2 machines and only one battery. Do you think that having him drawn and quartered on national TV is too harsh?

I assume they only include one battery to keep the package price down. Looks like the battery itself is about $60 each so if you can get by with one battery that’s the way to go.

Woot split this up and give us two batteries.

Have both of these items. Unless you have a very small yard, you need two batteries.

The blower works great to clear hard surfaces. Not for clearing leaves off grass. Love not having to haul out the big blower just to sweep the deck or garage floor.

Trimmer works well - no issues. Edging is fine too, but not as neat as a dedicated edger.

We get about 20 minutes of run time per charge.

You can get this package directly from the worx eBay store for $99 with free shipping!

[MOD: I’m see $167]

I own ( ed) the weed whacker. The wheels are useless. They didn’t last 1 season. VERY CHEAP. Don’t really need them, but still should of been built better for the price.

Also the string get’s caught every few minutes.

I wouldn’t buy again.

Hello wooters! I own these items ( but own 2 batteries) and here are my thoughts. The second d battery is a must especially if you have the blower. It. Needs too much power and kills the juice from one battery way too fast. You only get a poweful blow for a couple of minutes then if drops strength quickly. Only good for hard surfaces and you will get frustrated quickly.

As for the trimmer, this is great and works really sell (lifetime spool reacements too!). My wheels do not fold under but they do not roll too freely and it can be annoying, maybe someube spray will work. The trimmer lasts much longef.

You need 2 batteries or you will get annoyed with this. (If I was to do again, I would not buy the blower, very frustrating)

I’ve been looking at cordless trimmers for a while now. If this bundle had another battery I’d be all over it at this price. But I’m looking at running down to Lowe’s to pick up the Black & Decker 40v (more power and longer run time) trimmer/sweeper (they are called sweepers as they are really too underpowered to be called a blower) bundle for $130 and has the 2nd battery. I’ll probabaly pick up a 2nd charger for about $30 also (not needed if you already have a B&D Li-ion battery powered device). Sorry, woot.

I would not recommend this grass trimmer. Had one for a year and dumped it in the garbage. It worked fairly well while the battery lasted. Battery life was degrading rapidly over the first 6 months, from 20 minutes to 1 minute. A replacement costs like $60. I gone to a gas trimmer and my Hatachi works great. It has been running flawlessly for 2 years now.