WORX 24V Trimmer/Edger and Blower Combo

I don’t see any B&D 40v trimmer/blower combos on Lowes site?

I’m pretty sure the combo he is talking about is a 20v battery - not 40

Got mine from a previous community sourced deal off ebay:

Still selling at a reasonable price. Works great even though it’s a furb.

[MOD: 20v trimmer only]

I have had the trimmer although it is the 18 volt model, it works fine, wheels work great and I can do my yard (100 x 100)twice on one charge. It is a good price but wish it had another battery.

The one for $99 on ebay is for the 20V not the 24v on Woot

Wife got me one of these— piece of junk---- don’t waste the money. tried to trouble shoot it on their website, couldn’t talk to a person, after going through the procedures it just said thank you for calling and hung up. runs for MAYBE 10 min then needs a charge.

We own 3 properties and started using the work trimmers when they first came out…we use nothing but the work trimmer blower & leaf blower mulcher…they are the best…no gas…and now they added the lithium battery…it’s even better…what a deal…just bought one for over a hundred…without blower…thanks Woot…great company…many good offers…

I have the JawSaw and it has a 20V battery. I assume that I won’t be able to use the 24V battery, but wanted to confirm it with someone who may know for sure. Btw, I love the JawSaw!

Direct rep for Worx here. The 20v and 24v are not interchangeable. They have a different configuration on the charging doc bars.

Thanks for the quick feedback on this.

Yep, thanks for loving the JawSaw!

Point is, you’re going to be forced to recharge before using the blower, and I guess if you’re retired that’s fine, but I like to finish.

Purchased the little brother WORX 18-Volt 10-in Cordless String Trimmer and Edger from Lowe’s two weeks ago. With a 60x100 foot yard and a 2000sqf house. This one was unable to cut St. Augustine grass and the vines from St. Augustine. With a full over the night charge. The battery never lasted through the front yard. My old $29 electric trimmer can run cycles around this unit. Hoping if you do buy this WORX 24V it is far better then the one I got.
WILL NOT recommend.

I have two of the trimmers and three of the blowers, but they are 18V versions. I’m pretty happy with them, and I would think the 24V versions would work even better.

Does this combo come with the free spools for life?

“Trimmer/Edger and Blower Combo”

Oh man. I was so excited for this deal until I realized it was for landscaping and not manscaping. :confused:

There’s a registration card that comes in the box. When you register, it qualifies you for free spools.

Sorry, yes. I’ve looked at so many I combined a couple. I was thinking of the 40v Worx at HD and the 20v combo at Lowe’s. With what I do, the 20v combo with extra battery makes more sense for me.

I picked up the 10" WG155 trimmer of theirs about a month ago, refurb through their eBay store.

The Good:

  • free spools (line) for life (pay shipping of $7.10 for 6 spools)
  • lightweight
  • quick assembly, switching from edger to trimmer

The Bad:

  • battery lasts almost a half hour and still isn’t enough to edge AND trim
  • battery recharge time is several hours
  • line can break pretty easily

Really wish I could pick up another battery for $20 but they run about $50-60. Having ONE battery for TWO tools is a definite challenge here.

I am seeing $99