Worx Grass Trimmers

Thanks Skemmis, just what I needed.
Edit: I told you to sell a GAS trimmer, I bet you did that on purpose.

Product Page/Reviews for the 20V

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I have ONE word…RYOBI … i bought my son one (refurb) from Woot and he loves it…in fact i think its about the same price… Ryobi 40-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion 13-Inch String TrimmerSold on Tools & GardenQuantity:1 @ $84.99
for a small yard, this current one maybe enough…im not dissing this Worx model…but…

Lets learn about using a string trimmer over at lowes.com

Okay…I bought one…does that mean that I Personally put AZ on the woot map?! Such Power!

I hope this one is better than my Expensive Black and Decker, double-string one…no matter what I do, it just Shoots the string Out, cutting my legs!!
Probably Not a good idea to do yard work naked!


I have the 20v model, had it for a few years. I’ve got to say I LOVE this trimmer. It’s good for a small to medium yard on a single charge as long as you aren’t doing an insane amount of trimming work. I can do all my edging/trimming on my small yard several times without recharging. I’m not sure how the battery on the 24v model holds up in comparison.

Power is good, never had a string tangle issue, and worx gives you free string refills for life (just pay S&H). I’d highly recommend these to anyone.

Better off buying a high end stihl trimmer than word. More power

A couple of comments refer to cordless trimmers. These are corded. More power and no battery life issues, but limited by cord length. I use a corded trimmer with an inverter hooked up to my pickup’s battery and a long cord to trim down our half mile driveway. Beats fooling with a gas engine.

According to the description, only the WG119 is corded. The others are cordless.

This is a fantastic offering Woot!
My wife saw a commercial for the 20V one the other day and wrote down all the details and told me to get her one. Of course, I never buy anything without researching the hell out of it so I did. I found that the one she wanted was OK, but reviews on Amazon said it had only about 15 minutes on the batteries and the trimming she needs to do is a little beyond that. So I was watching for one of the 24V ones to come on sale somewhere. I was about to pull the trigger on one from Amazon the other day and something interrupted me and I did not get it. Good thing since I saw this pop up last night! I think she will like this a whole lot more than that lesser model.

Battery trimmers- guys don’t be foolish and don’t consider because it’s not gas. I had one for 4 years and it’s awesome! Edging is super easy and powerful enough to get the thick weeds.

Have one of the cordless ones for a few years now. Works great. Cuts grass easily and does heavy weeds and light brush as well. Battery life is about 15 minutes. Highly recommend!

We’ve got one of the old 18Volt Worx I bought off here last year. Have used it a lot and pretty happy with it. I have a large 1/2 ac plus yard, so it won’t do it all on a single charge. I do my fence line with a gas weedeater, and the wife does the rest with the Worx. She’ll let the battery recharge and then edge the pool and drive. She loves it.

I bought a VERY expensive Worx battery-powered trimmed several years ago and it was worse than terrible. The TV commercial showed a guy trimming “The edge of a football field twice” on a single charge. I wasn’t able to get around the edge of a small box garden once…with two fully-charged batteries! The extra bat cost me $80, a day to charge and lasts 10 min max. The thread is just that - thread. Also impossible to clean grass from the hub axle. Motor is sized for shaving your face. I need a trimmer but this deal would be shame on me. In my book, WORX is on the scam list forever. As the other commenter said…want GOOD - but Stihl.

Woot really pulled out all the stops for a great Dad’s Day gift! What next, you going to have an iron on Mother’s Day? Maybe coal for Christmas?

Happy Fathers Day to everyone…

Seems like the issue here is “several years ago”. Battery tech has vastly improved over the last several years and the one thing I learned recently when dealing with a battery powered device is to “First read the included instructions”. If I had not I probably would have been just as disappointed with the WROX jaw saw that I purchased here as this person. I learned that for example when the battery has completed charged you must remove it from the wall to keep from damaging the battery. With the Jaw Saw I learned that you can’t just put it on a tree limb and push the cutting blade in one direction. If you do the chain may become stuck in the wood and come off. The instructions say to do 2 cuts, first from the button of the limb upward no more then 1/3 the thickness, then reverse the saw and complete your cut from top down. This allows the branch to break away cleanly and keep the saw blade and the saw itself from getting caught and maybe damaged. I have used my Jaw Saw with 1 battery to take down a small tall pine tree 30 ft tall. No issue - follow directions and it work as advertise. Only had the chain come off twice and both times I tried to do a 1 cut approach instead of 2 cuts.

As for this offer I agree Woot this is a great deal. the 156 will go great with my Jaw Saw and 2 batteries I currently have. Now I have 4 batteries and 2 charges to I am all set.

I am not saying that you should go battery instead of gas. I also have a gas trimmer I bought here last year as well as a Stihl chain saw for those big jobs. But you can’t knock the convenience of the battery power and so far for me anyway, these 20 volt units have delivered and as such I can honestly and confidently recommend them, so long as you read the included instructions you too should have a good experience.

Funny you should mention that. I was trying to figure out exactly what the female “figures” were doing in those product pictures. (at least I presume they’re female from the pony tails but that isn’t a true indicator) The placement of the, oh let’s call it a “handle” in the pictures seemed a little (ahem) whacky…

Yes I agree the Stihl likely has more power but in a typical urban yard like mine, the Stihl is overkill for power where I have no tall grass, & the Stihl is not designed for edging. I purchased the Stihl FSA65 along with a quick charger & battery (read over $400) but took it back after 5 minutes of use. It is designed for taller grass where I do not have any as well as the head does not rotate for edging. Not user friendly for what I need. Plus the thicker 0.080" trimming line seemed to mark up the stone boarding the lawn vrs the lighter 0.065" line in the Worx156. The reason I bought the FSA65 is I also purchased the Stihl cordless RMA370 mower & BGA85 leaf blower so made sense to get the FSA65 trimmer as they all use the same battery. Unfortunately, the trimmer is not as suitable for my needs as the Worx156.

FYI folks,You can still buy free spools even if you didnt buy it directly from Worx website.

The people that got the 24V max battery version before it sold out can get a buy one get one free battery for it on Worx website. https://www.worx.com/en-US/24V-LithiumPower-Battery-BUY-ONE-GET-ONE-FREE.aspx

Thanks for the info… just ordered my first batch. Time will tell if I have the same issue as others have reported with the line.