WORX Hydroshot 20V Power Cleaner

WORX Hydroshot 20V Power Cleaner

What’s the model number? Is it the wg629, or another?

From the one star reviews it sounds like another import with quality control issues and not a great service department.

Yes, it’s the WG629.

I have one of these and it’s great as long as you understand it is not going to be powerful enough for things like cleaning concrete.

I use mine the most for my boat. I keep it in the water all season, so every weekend before we go out I take a 5 gallon bucket of water and the Hydroshot down to the boat. Spray the seats, give them a quick scrub with the brush, then wash them off.

I did have an issue with the charger not charging the battery after a while. So I bought a better charger and that solved that problem.

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I have been thinking hard about this product - seems like a great way to wash the car. Aree that ppl should understand it’s a Power Cleaner, not a power-washer. What sort of charger did you get?