WORX Hydroshot 20V Power Cleaner

WORX Hydroshot 20V Power Cleaner

Got one (with accessories) from Woot last month. I haven’t done much but take it for a quick test drive yet (5m on bistro set & balcony floor), but so far it’s met expectations, and I keep thinking of new things to use it for.

I know it’s not super powerful, but if I can spray dirt off my balcony, clean my awning, windows and screens, and wash my car without having to hook up to a water spigot (that I don’t have because I’m an apartment dweller), this is well worth $95. (It will pay for itself in car-washes after a year.)

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What do you use as your water source? Just a bucket? How big a bucket?

It says “Attaches to typical garden hose or draws water from any fresh water source like a bucket, pool or lake” so I would guess the swimming pool.

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not sure 0.5 GPM max output is very useful as a watering device. Seems like it would take a long time to water very many plants, unless you live in an apartment or have a lot of very small pots to water.
That being said I do like the idea of this item for small, lower pressure cleaning tasks that you don’t need a big unit for.

Borrowed my Father-in-Law’s for a couple weeks and here’s some honest notes:


  • Works well for light- and light-medium-duty jobs
    ** Cleaned the wicker patio furniture of bird droppings, food, and pollen
    ** Cleaned mold/mildew/pollen buildup off the deck surface
    ** Cleaned bugs and such off vehicles
    ** Cleaned water stains off concrete
  • Portable


  • SHORT battery life with the standard battery
    ** The default battery is a 2.0 Ah and will last you about 20 minutes of cleaning. I got half of my deck done before it died and had to throw it on the charger
  • LONG charging time
    ** The default charger takes 5 hours to charge the 2.0 Ah battery, so don’t plan on doing half the job throwing it on the charger and coming back to wrap up in a bit.

Bottom Line:
If you have small light-duty cleaning such as washing cars or patio furniture it’s great. If you need it for doing a small deck or more you can upgrade (not from w00t! at the moment) to a 4.0 Ah battery and a 45 minute charger. Of course, by the time you did that you could have bought a plug-in electric one for less money. If you need to use this in an area that has little or no electric outlets -OR- just simply has a smaller footprint for storage, this might be for you.

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I agree with everything bigjmtaters said. I would add that Amazon has a pack of (2) 2.5Ah batteries for $36. I bought them, and keep all three batteries charged so when I want to use the wand, I can go easily for 90 minutes or so… plenty of time.


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It comes with a hose you can drop into any water source — so yes, a bucket. However big you want. I did a quick spray-down (not a deep-clean) of my 4’x10’ balcony and bistro set with a small bucket, ~2 gallons. I’m thinking about getting a 5-gallon jug from the local hardware store so I don’t have to worry about refills (and also for additional water storage for emergencies (earthquake country).