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Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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I was going to buy a pair but thought better of it. Wouldn’t want my pet tyrannosaurus to get a hold of them.

He’d be unstoppable.

This thing us just BEGGING for some googly eyes.

Solid reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at walmart.com


The girl in the pics isn’t wearing any hearing protection. shame shame

Some Reviews on the 307
Some More reviews on the 308


I got one from woot during the spring. Used it a lot since my girlfriend and I purchased a foreclosed house. I used it to take down bigger limbs on a willow tree before bringing it down with the traditional chainsaw. Anything I could get inside the jaws of this thing, it didn’t fail to cut like butter. Used it to cut two by 4s (it comes just short of doing this with one cut…gotta flip um over and do another snippet).

I was really surprised on how well it helped me clear grown up areas of bushes and small sticks. I trimmed up a huge over grown bush where sheers would never do the job.

This thing especially shines when you need to cut near something you don’t want to cut. Got a dead bush butted up next to your air conditioner? Electrical lines? Fence? Concrete wall?Cut precisely without fear with this thing! Its simply amazing and can’t give it enough praise. 6 outta 5 stars from me. It’s the coolest power tool I own!

Oh and I’m also amazed on how safe this thing is to use. Due to its design it won’t buck back on ya, or throw sticks up at ya like a traditional one can.

It’s electric. The noise level isn’t that high.

It’s electric. How loud do you think it is?! It’s about the same as a kitchen mixer. Lol. I just pictured someone wearing hearing protection in the kitchen.

Same price on Ebay straight from the manufacturer, but free shipping, and likely no tax… No deal at all here… :frowning:

We have an earlier version of this tool and it ROCKS! Have about an acre of land, surrounded by trees that throw off all manner of debris and this thing works well for that kind of clean up. Also used it when we dropped a big pine a couple years ago. It did ALL the branch work without a problem. And, yes, since it electric, it’s not that loud! Love the thing.

Its electric, hence quite. Plus she needs to hear “heads up” when her boyfriend cuts down her favorite tree…

The videos all showed it cutting up softwoods. How does it do on hardwoods, oak, hickory, ect?

Folks, do your homework! This product is made in CHINA! Never buy tools made in China.

I agree with that rule for hand tools, but power tools? Good luck. Dewalt, Milwaukee, Porter-Cable, Craftsman… all made in China.

This was listed too late.
It would have sliced the Thanksgiving turkey just fine…

I checked earlier and added it to my ebay shopping cart then went out…it’s a few hours later now and the price has gone up $20 to $120…the WORX sale must be over now (or a new, not as good sale has replaced it).

You should wear hearing protection anytime you cannot hear normal conversation over a device, including many indoor appliances, like blenders and hair dryers.

If you simple became hard-of-hearing, that one could deal with, but instead, the annoying ringing in your ears just keeps getting loader… permanently!

More importantly, she is NOT wearing a dust protector.