Worx Lawn Care

Blower & Mower photos need to be switched.

I think the blower and lawnmower pictures are switched…

Can I get this mower for $88?

Is that a moblower?

Well played.

Got 'em fixed. Thanks all!

you can tell the deals on woot have been lacking. the mod on here joined in may and hasn’t bought a single thing yet.

He’s not a mod. He’s the buyer. And that’s probably his “anonymous” account that he uses for posting. :tongue:

Is this cordless/chargeable?

Only the blower is cordless.

Short answer: No.

If it says “Amps”, that tells you how much current it draws from the wall (or an extension cord, in this case). You’ll need an extension cord rated for at least that much (they’re rated in Amps).

I’ve never seen an extension cord rated for fewer than 10 amps, but after that, you should check. I think only the mower draws more than that.

If you’re going to use more than one extension cord (one plugged into the other), you must use ones that are rated for more current than your thing draws (1 “size” bigger), or you are begging for trouble, especially if you live in a hot part of the country, since these things are used mostly in the summer.

I just burned out an edger yesterday (yeah, good timing), running it for too long without letting it cool off on a hot day. If the extensions cord is too “small”, it will deliver less voltage, which will force the appliance to draw more current, which will kill it faster. I think that’s what killed my electric mower a year ago. (But they both lasted 2-3 times longer than I’ve gotten from a battery or gas powered one.)

Higher current requires more copper, and copper’s getting expensive (which is why all those buildings in Detroit have been stripped of copper wires and pipes), so you will find that a higher-capacity extension cord costs more. But not compared to replacing your edger or mower.

Would a real man use an electric mower? Umm. no

Yeah, you’re right. Real men use reel mowers. No wussy motors for us :wink:

Of course, really real men use a scythe. You and all your modern trappings, bah!

However, the realest men just get someone else to do the lawn. They have man-stuff to do, like bare-knuckle boxing.

i enjoyed that.

If the lawnmower was one of the Battery versions, I’d seriously consider it. My lawn area is over 100’ from power so the electric cord would almost cost as much as this mower. I currently use a reel mower because my lawn is fairly small but some days I feel my age . . .

now that I think of it I did see him post before in his buyer role. still kind of amused me.

Can’t vouch for these specific models but I just bought and returned a Worx electric trimmer. Thing ate line like crazy and their were zero directions as to how to advance the line. Cutting wise though it was fine.

Rebrand that mower to read WOOT! and I’d buy it. Just takes 2 letters and an !..

Great at cutting the electric cord too, I can vouch for that.