WORX Lithium Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger, 48-volt

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WORX Lithium Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger, 48-volt
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Time to check out the product page and learn all about the warranty

From the product page on Amazon:

Bit disappointing really.

I’m in need of a new cordless trimmer, as my 3 year old 18V NiCad battery Black and Decker will be ready for the junk heap at the end of this season. I’m not going to buy new batteries, as the price of a new battery is more than half the price of what I paid for the entire machine when I bought it on sale. This Worx alternative seems like a good alternative at a good woot price, but…

The machines must have recently hit the stores, as customer reviews are indeed hard to find. Amazon, for example, had 5 reviews. One of these reviews was terrible and the other 4 reviews were peachy nice. All of these reviews were provided by the manufacturer (Worx), so I accept these reviews with a grain of salt.

All the other large chain home centers also had reviews provided by the manufacturer…except Lowes. Lowes had 2 only reviews. One was terrible and one was okay.

So, while at first glance this seems like a good alternative for me, I still can use my Black and Decker at least until the end of this season. So I’m in no desperate need to need for a new trimmer until then. I could buy this machine now and I’m sure that the manufacturer would make it right if I have a problem. If not, I absolutely know that Woot will do everything possible to help me. However I would prefer to avoid the aggravation, so I’ll wait.

I don’t really care how my weed eater is powered, what I do care about is how often I’m going to have to mess with it while I’m doing my yard and how long it will take to get new line in it. Neither of those things are bullet points from this manufacturer, so no thanks.

Same shipped price from Worx on ebay, so no need to lose sleep over this Woot deal:

[mod note: sale price over there seems to be $109.99]

Dangit! Just paid $150 for the 40V model from Amazon.

The WORX 48V Trimmer features an automatic feed system. Every time you stop and restart, it will feed more line, so no need to bump it to feed the line. As for changing spools, it is simple. The Spool is actually built into the cap, so you pull off the old cap, snap in the new one and you are ready to go.

I very much agree. I have a craftsman gas trimmer that I love. I don’t really trust any kind of auto feeder bump or otherwise. I don’t feel like winding a spool. Mine takes a strip of line about 16" or so that I thread through two holes. I can do it while it’s running. I buy the .130" diameter line strips that are quite strong. Two of them usually lasts me my whole yard, included edging all the walkways, sidewalks, driveway, and down by the street.

I love my cordless electric trimmer.
It’s very useful for trimming around outside the house.
My gasoline Stihl is for tougher jobs when there is brush to cut through.

I bought a Worx 24-volt model from Woot last year. It was $85. I only use it for light jobs – some edging, weed control, etc. – but it works pretty well. The auto feeder is flawless. I get about 25-30 minutes of charge, which is more than enough for me to get two good uses out of it. It charges pretty quickly.

I have a Ryobi 40v. It lasts for a good long while, and we are able to trim our 3/4 acre yard (with many obstacles) on a single charge. We had upgraded from a B/D that was horrible and the battery was garbage.

Keep your eyes open. Every once in a while Woot runs the Ryobi deal…which I’ve been tempted to jump on for the battery (because it is cheaper than a replacement battery.) I haven’t done it yet…because (contrary to my experience with B/D…which) I really haven’t felt the need to get a backup battery.

I don’t see how the edger works. Looks like a metal bar will rub the concrete along my sidewalk and driveway…bouncing off every bump.

I saw a Worx that had wheels. I need wheels, don’t I?

You turn the business end of the machine (with the spool of cutting line) 90 degrees relative the machine’s pole so that the curved wire acts like a guide and then you do your trimming. (I know that sounds as clear as mud) Nevertheless, once you have it in your hands, it’s quite easy to visualize how it’s done.

Would you believe they raised the price just to make me look bad?

They did! The buy it now price was changed today at 05:53:06 PDT. Sad when Woot cannot even price things below the current market value.

Wow. The buy it now price was dropped back down to $99.99 with free shipping. Nothing like raising the price to make the Woot price look better.