WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver with Bits

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WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver with Bits
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Is this a semi-automatic assault power screw driver? 'Cause if it is, I’m protesting it!

Solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at homedepot.com and great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at walmart.com

I can say, with 100% certainty, that this drill will make anyone feel like a secret agent.

I bought one of these from home depot a few months back for a remodeling project I was doing. It was a bit of an impulse buy, but it ended up a very valuable tool!

its lightweight and well balanced. I found it great for doing electrical work, as the built in light is very bright.

I would like to see a couple of enhancements - 1. a way to trigger the light without engaging the bit - so you can seat the bit first, and two, a way to store the 2nd magazine of bits. I ended up losing that 2nd magazine somewhere.

I would give this 4 out of 5 stars/thumbs/whatever you likes.

It’s not an assault power screw driver, it’s a TACTICAL power screw driver.

Remember, assault is an action, not an object.

It appears that you can reload the cartridge if a bit breaks or strips out.

And one final reminder, it’s a screw driver, not a drill.

Take the reviews with a grain of salt, both sites pull some (or most) of the review off the manufacturers page.

I bought one of these at a home center some time ago with the complete understanding of this products intended use and its limitations. It’s intended for light duty chores and as such it is extremely handy and does a great job. A heavy duty, 24V driver is too cumbersome, too large and too heavy when you are doing a light duty project.

I find it very useful and very handy and on top of that, it’s very cool looking.

I have one as well. It’s perfect for little jobs. It’s also held up well.

I got this last Christmas. I have used it many times. It works well and has plenty of power for most everyday uses. The battery seems to last a long time too. It is well built as far as I am concerned.
My only complaints are: The handle is small and the trigger takes up most of the handle so it can be awkward to hold it without pulling the trigger. You have to have one bit ‘out’ all the time. No place to store the other ‘loaded bits’. Would be nice to turn on the light without pulling the trigger.

I got this as a present so not sure if this is a good price or not.

What type of battery does this take? Is it proprietary or something like an 18650 lithium?

So an assault rifle is an attack on rifles?

It’s an internal battery - you plug the unit in to charge it. I agree with the other posters - it’s a handy tool…not super heavy duty but sufficiently torquey. It’s been out for a while so I wonder if its being discounted to make way for a newer model. A dual stage trigger (to first engage the light) would be helpful, as well as variable speed. But nonetheless its handy in that it saves time in having to dig around for different bits. The “magazine” will accept many standard size bits, not just the ones that come with the tool.

My battery lasts for some time, but it tends to conk out entirely when it needs a charge, rather than slowly run down.

Do you actually own one? I do. It is a nice product.

Only if it’s got a shoulder thing that does up!

Michael Bloomberg does NOT approve of this screw driver.

“We need to limit the size of magazine, and we are concerned about it being semi-automatic”

I just got mine from this sale on June 26th and the one woot sent me was NOT the WX254L, but the WX254L.4, which doesn’t come with the drill bit that counter sinks for screws, it’s the one that comes with a holster instead, which is not what I wanted. I hope Woot does the right thing here and lets me swap for the right one, as the one described was the one I wanted, not the one I got.