Worx TriVac Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

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Worx TriVac Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum
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Lots of good reviews (3.1 out of 5.0) over at homedepot.com and solid reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at acehardware.com

Everyone who owns property with trees on it, or even trees nearby, needs a machine like this. I own a similar machine which runs on electricity and I start to use it when the leaves start to fall. Without it, we would be up to ours knees in leaves by October.

My machine requires that you change the plumbing and install the bag to use it as a vacuum. This one does not require that, which I find is a very attractive thing.

Unfortunately, I did not read in any of the copy, or did I see in the video any talk about the impeller. Since I did not, I’m not sure if the impeller is made of plastic or metal. While this is not a game breaker, it could be a cause of concern.

This has a plastic impeller. The WG502 has a metal impeller.

I was wondering the same thing myself. Rather not invest in a unit that could be taken down by a rogue acorn.


Ah, thanks.

Amazon has the WG508that also states it has a metal impeller for $68

Good find. I had a wakeboard boat that ran better on a metal impeller (and beer), but luckily didn’t have a cord to deal with or it would have been a short trip in circles around the lake. Anyone find having to deal with such a leash time consuming and not worth saving dollars over a cordless newer model?

I have a relatively small yard and neighbors with lots of leafy trees. The cord isn’t a problem for me (I use the 100’ 12-gauge cord I also use for my electric mower), but the battery unit I had couldn’t get the whole yard in one charge.

Bought 2 of these last time they were offered for about $45 each. They work well on small jobs but don’t look at mulching the entire leaf fall on this puppy - just doesn’t have the capacity. Great for quick clean ups. I would recommend, but the price is a little high now - you might check Amazon.

Ummm… your link goes back to your post…

Thanks for the info. Plastic impeller = no sale. Any acorn or even a twig can damage a plastic impeller(at least it did my last vac). And no the cord isn’t a problem. If you’ve got the oaks and maples that I’ve got you NEED a corded model for the hours of vacuuming/mulching every fall. My 20V leaf blower is wimpy compared to my corded blower/vac, and it only lasts about 20 min/charge.

The reviews on the worx site all complain about the bag design, and how people all have tears in the bag and are on the second or third bag because of design. Perhaps that is why worx also has them on clearance. Making room for a next year redesign perhaps?

I’ve had this model for the last 2 fall seasons and the plastic impeller was no issue with rogue mulch (chipped wood). The bag is definitely small for my yard, but I just pull the lawnmower trailer to the center of the yard for shorter trips to dump the bag. My only complaint is that I wish the blower was much more powerful.

Just got mine w/the metal impeller and it needs more power. Maybe I was spoiled with a gas blower but this just seems underpowered. Doubt it’ll pick up my fall leaves like I had hoped. I wouldn’t buy this again even though the ads look amazing.

I bought the 502 off of woot a couple months back, and I’m happy with it so far. I used it to clean some left over leaves from last fall.

I showed it to my neighbor and he has already asked to borrow it.

My pops has one of these and says the vacuum aspect isn’t really worth it. The blower works ok but like some comments before said, it could be stronger. Pops bought it full price, at this discount may be more worth the cost though.

The Vac option definitely isn’t useful for most people. The problem is that the bad just can’t hold enough. It’s faster to bag it the old fashioned way. Now if you wanted to suck it in, mulch it and let it blow all over the place, and you, maybe…

The 508 has separate attachments for blower/vacuum, which isn’t a big deal, but it loses the advantage of being an all in one tool like the 502.