Worx WT940K 18V 4 Piece Cordless Tool Kit

in for three

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Worx WT940K 18V 4 Piece Cordless Tool Kit
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
products: 1 Worx WT505 Reciprocating Saw
1 Worx WT525 Circular Saw
1 Worx WT162 Drill/Driver
1 Worx WT022 Flashlight


is this lithium ?

Unfortunately, I own all 4 pieces made from a RYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBI.

Most the Worx tools on amazon get really good reviews…

yeah, these are AWESOME.

“In the box:
WT505 Reciprocating Saw
WT525 Circular Saw
WT162 Drill/Driver
WE022 Flashlight
Rolling Case”

Does this thing come with a charger?

I’m in for one. I think these were $170 on some woots, maybe $130 for the woot-off.

Thinking hard about getting one sent to my Dad, if only my Christmas shopping wasn’t done already.

click on the image, it is all there 2 batteries and a charger

Dude, if you can, go for it. you won’t be dissatisfied.

but you can only buy once per id.

WOW! $299.99 at Cosco!


Great deal Woot!!

The 5-piece set (including jigsaw) was in the Woot-off for $139. If you’d rather have the $40 than the jigsaw this is a better deal.

weren;t the previous ones 5 pieces? i forget what the fifth item was though

Ah yes…silly me.

ugh… I might have to have a friend get it for my Dad under his id and pay him. Its a shame it won’t get there until January; no way in Hell it will get delivered before Christmas.

Crap… I didn’t catch that; too late.

2 AH rating!
I think these have double A (AA) batteries inside the battery packs!

No thanks!

SOB! The 5-piece set (including jigsaw) was in the Woot-off for $139…? Try the last one that I purchased was 174 all together… This IS A GOOD DEAL. Specially since you get the tools and the case + 2 batterys. I just got mine 2 days ago and have been impressed by the quality. I recommend this buy. I just wish I would have waited now.
Damn my consumerism!