Worx WT940K 18V 4 Piece Cordless Tool Kit

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Those are Canadian dollars, no? At around $240 US, though, still a helluva deal if you’re in the market. (And, yes, it had better come with the two batteries in the picture or there will be some very unhappy Wooters!) The costco.com site ( http://www.costco.com/Common/Search.aspx?whse=BC&topnav=&search=worx&N=0&Ntt=worx&cm_re=1_en-_-Top_Left_Nav-_-Top_search&lang=en-US ) shows a single spare battery going for $40 bucks, so it’s almost worth buying two tool sets if you’re in the market for more than two batteries. What a world!

Manufactured by Positec USA


In for 1. Xmas present for my brother. 104.99 is hard to beat for a decent gift.

Got me one, sounds like a great deal.

In for 1, don’t really need it but can’t pass up that price. Christmas present for me… ;o)

Jimmie FZ-30

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wait a minute the dewalt battery operated and the bosch work fantastic

this went for how much during woot off?

Just go to Home Depot and get the Ryobi version. Last time I was there (black friday) they had something similiar for $60.

How do i go back in time for “black friday”? Looks more like $160 to me, and it is out of stock.


I am not expert, but you have to be careful about this stuff.
Purchasing off brands is okay for light use but I wouldn’t expect to do any serious work with these. And finding replacement parts (battery, charger, etc) can be kind of difficult with an off brand.
Although I have never purchased (or heard of worx), in my experience almost every time I have purchased an off brand (tools or other things) I have regretted it.

Not so sure this is an off-brand. Popular Mechanics gave the circular saw their Editor’s Choice award because the handle allows you to have a better grip and “a more natural arm position”.

More about the company here.

If I thought I would use these, I would buy a kit.

I have to agree. I’ve been a cabinet maker for 34 years and I’ve learned my lesson with buying off brand items. They might be cheaper in price, but they are cheaper overall. Spend the extra and get the brand name items.

Thanks for the stodgy outmoded comment. Corporations prey on these kind of notions. Sometimes paying more makes sense. Many times it doesn’t. This company is receiving high grades for their lines of gear.

This is an excerpt from the article I noted above (you did read that didn’t you Mr. 34 yr cabinet maker): “The company is aiming the Worx brand at younger pro contractors, Duncan says, through aesthetics, including a contemporary, trendy color (bright green), clean packaging, and fresh designs, and through sub-branding such as the Powertank battery and Powerstation battery charger. Product labeling and detailed catalogs are designed to educate newer users on tool features and benefits.”

From the reviews and everything I could gather it appears as though these are good tools (comparatively speaking) and that if the company survives (reality check, even well intended companies fail) you’ll have a brand to build from.

This woot reminds me of some of the less celebrated ones that have been scores for me. I got the JVC rx-d301s digital receiver last year for $100 and that went by with little fanfare. It’s a really terrific product. I’ve used that receiver every day I’m home for almost a year. That receivers reviews are much lower comparatively than the Worx line is receiving.

I lay out this caveat: I’m not buying this because I scored two similar Craftsman sets last year (have been using them hard for a year, even left them in the rain…) in a slickdeal. If I needed this set, I would buy it. I get bothered by the by the “you get what you paid for”, mystical, nostradamus, no help, supposed expert comments. That dude didn’t need the tools so he didn’t buy it either and he doesn’t want you to buy because deep down he doesn’t want you to gain experience and challenge him in his cabinet making ventures.

Call me stodgy and outdated but I prefer corded power tools.

Thats not always true, huntingn. It really depends on what individual peice you are going to buy. As an avid reader of the afformentioned Pop. Mech., I monthly read reviews of all manner of powertools. The honest fact of the matter is that, the most expensive is rarely the best, but the cheapest is always just that, cheap and easily broken. Don’t buy just “Ryobi” or “Craftsman” or whatever. Just researching before you buy will normally give you the least amount of headaches. And generally speaking, outside of maybe drills and lights, battery power will run out right when you need it most, stick with corded for extensive projects.

I already have enough power tools I hardly use. This woot is not for me.

Exactly my fear, having had a Black and Decker Firestorm set do exactly the same thing to me, with both batteries going belly up when I got them out for a job. Invested $25 on a new charger just in case, but that was good money after bad. This deal is tempting, but I don’t want to go down that same road we’ve both traveled before…

Well, i did my research and it seems this set is $299 at costco after 50 bucks off. This is not an “off-brand” either. I am an HVAC contractor and have been around Worx, Ryobi and Craftsman tools. It seems that the drill and light alone are almost a 100 dollar value. And if you think Worx is an off brand, then how come Red Wing Shoes creates their line of work boots? Would Red Wing really put their name out there on a product they really don’t believe in?

Dude, if you think that light is worth 50 bucks then I have a Ryobi that I’m willing to part with for … say 2 grand? At least it looks better than lime green :slight_smile:

Unbelievable. You didn’t read and absorb what I wrote. I did the research. These tools look like very good entry level equipment. I couldn’t be happier with the Craftsman C3 kits that I bought b4 last Christmas. I bought 2 sets (vac, drill, light, unused sander) of those @ $50 each so as to have 2 batteries. They charge in 1 hour and last forever. I’m never short a battery that way. This kit includes 2 batteries. They charge in 1 hour. Thus no down time. I too like corded tools and have many. It is unpractical to extend AC everywhere. I would’ve preferred the Vac to the Saw. I don’t favor batt-oped Saws but then I’ve never used one either. I would roll the dice on this kit if I needed any of it.

Furthermore, the article I linked to was not the Popular Mechanics one from Worx own website. I would never trust the linked review on the front page of companies website. That doesn’t say much for Popular Mechanics except that Worx likely paid for the ad, or is Pop Mechanics above that kind of thing? I buy things based on research and perceived value. The contractors I know would thumbs up this deal.

I have used these before, decent tools. If only I hadn’t just bought a Porter Cable from Lowes