Worx WT960K 18 volt 5 Piece Cordless Tool Kit

Hmm… low price for a multi set. Gonna look for a review and see if it’s any good

1 Worx WT960K 18 volt 5 Piece Cordless Tool Kit

$169.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

1 WT162 Cordless Drill/Driver
1 WT545 Cordless Jigsaw
1 WT525K Cordless Circular Saw
1 WT505 Cordless Reciprocating Saw
1 WT022 Cordless Flashlight

pricing for future reference

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New Worx WT960K 18 volt 5 Piece Cordless Tool Kit, for $169.99 + $5 shipping

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Anyone heard of this company?

Is this lithium?

Any words on the review of these? Good deal but I’m not familiar with the brand

can’t find anything specifically on this product(s) but poking around looking at reviews of other products they make doesn’t turn up any red flags. This far looks like a middle of the line brand name.

Am I the only whose eyes hurt staring at the color of this set?

I have a Worx brand weedwhacker that seems to work fairly well. It’s not the greatest build quality on earth, but it’s lasted two years without a hiccup so far. IMO, you can’t beat this for the price (as long as the batteries last).

Does a reciprocating saw replace your finger after it cuts it off?

I found this at http://worx.fox-international.com/productdetail.asp?id=15

18 volt 5 pc Combo Kit

Includes: WT162 Cordless Drill, WT525 Cordless Circular Saw, WT505 Cordless Reciprocating Saw, WT545 Cordless Jigsaw, WT022 Cordless Work Light, Parallel Guide, 5-12" TCP Blade, 8 High-Quality Blades, 2 Batteries and Heavy-Duty Carrying Case

Model: WT960K
PRICE: $429.00
S&H: $22.98


looks like a good deal

Hmmm. No clue on this one. But hubby promises that this brand of tools are good.

I picked up the Ryobi version of this a few years ago. Same basic set-up sans the jigsaw. I paid $120 at the Home Depot. I have to imagine that there is a better deal…

Are you going by price alone, or do you believe the Ryobi one was of similar quality?

Well at Sears on Friday you can get a 3 piece 19.2 volt Craftsman C3 set for 89.99. (the 5 piece kit is considerably more) If you break it down in to a per-tool cost, it’s almost the same. The Craftsman kit does cost more per tool, but you’ll be getting a better brand of tool. (it’s no Bosch, Royboi, DeWalt, or Milwaukee. But still decent)

Hopefully a few helpful links.


To look at prices for each product check out Worx & Fox:
Got to Products- Power Tools- Cordless Tools- 18 Volt

I bought it and live on a farm so it should last a while with proper care. My friend that does construction has hear of these tools before. I have an old Makita cordless drill my dad bought back in like 99 and the batteries still work in the thing and it runs for quite a while still. Odd quality I’m hoping for.

Interesting that two sets of specs are given. Looks like the first are right - the second drill specs have: “Chuck Capacity: 1/3” (13mm)”. The first listing says 0.5" (1/2"). Maybe a typo rather than incorrect specs.

Too bad it doesn’t say anything about the batteries or the charger. You can get 18v drills for $29.99, but they aren’t very good. They use cheap Ni-Cad batteries (low capacity, low power, memory effect, self-draining), and they use chargers that take forever (12-16 hours), don’t have any status indicator, and don’t shut off when done. Oh, and after the 12hr charge, the battery might last 20 minutes on a good day. Mid-grade sets use Ni-Cad, but with higher capacity and often with 1-hr chargers. The better sets use NiMH or Li-Ion batteries, or some similar newer battery tech - more power, longer life per charge, and longer life expectancy.

So, which are these? The listing doesn’t say. Says 1 hr (“approximately”) charging time, but is that because it has a good charger or a small battery?

Note: it’s a hammer drill, if the specs can be trusted. If it’s well-made, that’s a nice plus if you might ever need to drill concrete. If it’s not well-made, the thing will destroy itself in no time.

The website specs look decent, but the model number doesn’t match the one here. And grammar is mashed up some, meaning quality in other areas might also be less than desired.