Worx WT960K 18 volt 5 Piece Cordless Tool Kit

cuts through bone?


Oh god pure junk. Ridgid all the way baby

If this was a DeWalt set, I’d buy in a heartbeat.


Or you can… n00b

so, since it’s cordless…does that mean it uses bluetooth?

Fuck it, i’m going to bed.

not cool. totally lame

They just had this on QVC well kinda but the one on QVC had way more stuff and was cheaper then this!

wasn’t this previously on sellout.woot?

sigh woot, so much carp in one day…im sorry…i haz lost some faith in woot

how many left?

Good for some cheap American Psycho action?


Hey Powertools in Girly Colors.

I look at the light and think “Pixar”.

Why does every power tool maker have to have a specific color they use for every one of their products? And why did Worx have to choose light green? Were there no other colors left?

Lol :smiley:

CRAP! There are 80 of these things I think…