Would really like some drawing help (for hire?)

I’m looking for some help in creating a logo.
The logo is for my sister’s business.

The business is called Daisy Dog Services.
She would like a logo that is a daisy, with a (mini) schnauzer (salt and pepper variety).

The colors that I designed the website in (at her behest) are FFFFCC (which is a light yellow), FFFFFF (white) and 000000 (black).
She’d like the logo to be simple. I was thinking the schnauzer disembodied head on top of the daisy. Everything done in simple Black and white with a yellow outline around the daisy.

My artistic ability is… limited, to put it kindly. I know there are a great number of absolutely wonderful artists on here who I greatly admire (and I think I’ve stated so multiple times in the derby threads!), so I was hoping that someone could help me out.

The logo would be used on the website, as well as business cards, mailings, hats, etc. I’d like to be have possibly 2- one available for use on a black background, and another for use on white or yellow.
A png with a transparent background would probably work the easiest.

Can anyone help me out?
If so, please pm me, and I’ll give you my email address as well as the website to look at.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!!

something like this, but with a yellow daisy and a schnauzer.