Would You Like Pepper With That?

Alas, not a single stand-alone salt grinder in the bunch…

he’s not so interested in the salt this time.

Can I remove the peppercorns and use the peppermill as a salt grinder?

WOW how many of these were available this time? 2 WOW. Thats sucks and waste of time

That’s not uncommon on Sellout. We are trying to sell out the inventory after all. Sorry for the frustration.

thats cool but 2, i mean 2???it is really worth it to put TWO on here?


So. Um. Salt?

There were questions about whether these would be ok for salt.

Not that I care or anything.

But does anyone know?

Most of the ones on the website mentions salt and pepper in the description and it seems they use the same mechanism for both types, so I would guess that it will work for both.

The mechanisms are also adjustable for different size outputs. So it is even more likely they will not have a problem.

Found this one which is close to the 12.5" wood one.


So they should have the two somewhere in their warehouse? Now they have good homes and are not lost in the sea of Woot deals. Be quicker next time :slight_smile:

Is the mechanism steel? Is it ceramic?