Woven Container Tote, 7pc

Woven Container Tote, 7pc

It’s too bad I don’t need more of these. Otherwise, I’d buy again. Great quality and great price.

I may buy more. Just in case.


Someone’s playing “silly buggers”, photoshopping the graphics – from one shot to the next, COUNT how many “squares” of the woven material there are across any given-sized side, and they don’t hold constant. Going to that much trouble suggests there are visible [defects, discontinuities?]. Too bad… moving on.

Conspiracy theory much? The photos are the same as on the main sites they are sold. Look at the Amazon reviews. Also, none of the baskets are the same size. I will say though, I’ve ordered a few sets and never did I think I needed to count the squares. The only thing that sucks is having to cut the plastic zip tie thing holding them together.

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