WOW. Such Movie

its a shame you could not buy these with dogecoin :slight_smile:

in case you were wondering who Doge is.

So over. Stop please. Much thanks.

Nice design wasted on a dumb, unfunny meme.


Samuel Dogewyn himself would have been much proud to wear this.

This shirt makes me wish I wore t-shirts often enough to warrant buying it!

YAY!! Thanks to Woot for this opportunity!
I am so thrilled about being on Woot today :D:D

congrats on the print coconutman!

Congrats on the daily, coconutman!


Love Doge, but not a fan of MGM. Darn, going to pass on this one.


Strikethrough doesn’t work, so couldn’t edit the quote, but given that this is Doge, shouldn’t it say: “…you’ve seen the scrypt…”?

Shoutout to my fellow miners! To the moon!


Might have to get one for the girlfriend. So good.

I am so sick of this meme. It was never clever and it’s only gotten worse.

I love this meme and everything that it is. Unfortunately black does not suit my complexion.

Congrats Coconutman!