WowWee FlyTech DragonFly



What’s the center button do?


On the controller? That is the power button.


There’s a thorough review over at PC Magazine:


Heres a video of it in action:


Wow wee stuff on 3 of woots sites.

Wow wee!


Don’t use these near birds of prey. A hawk took mine down.


How’s the battery life on this thing?


That’s loud!


WowWee! This looks tons cooler than the butterfly on kidswoot!

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WowWee FlyTech DragonFly [New] - $15.99 + $5 shipping

1 * WowWee Radio Controlled 4032 Green FlyTech Dragonfly

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Bought one of these at Best Buy a while back on clearance for I think the same price. It’s decent enough, but works much better outside than inside unless you have a combination of high ceilings and spacious rooms. It handles collisions with pretty much anything perfectly. It however does not handle a running ceiling fan that well. Thanks to the spare wings, the same problem didn’t happen twice :wink:


By the way, for anyone curious, we get about 10-15 minutes of battery life per charge. The remote takes I believe 4 AA and you charge the dragonfly through it. Still on the first set of batteries and probably at around 4 hours of flight time.


In the close up picture of the remote it appears to have the logo of a power button moulded into it. Don’t know if this helps.


product website.


Wish this was the same price as the pink one on Kids.woot I only have boys, so really don’t get pink much. They would love this though.


bought one from radio shack a few years ago we NEVER got it to work right neither did the store workers and they returned my 50 bucks stay away its junk trust me


If that is the power button than what does the switch directly below that do? Between the hand grips.


That’s the beginner/expert toggle.


I think it launches the Hellfire missles.