WowWee FlyTech DragonFly

That looks neat

seems like woot should’ve saved this for kids.woot

Why is it that I can go to shirt.woot and see the new item, but when I go back to, I still see the Sold Out item? It takes about a minute before I see it. Any ideas what the problem is?

can this thing hover?

NM… i actually read the description more carefully.

Good review here - WowWee's FlyTech Dragonfly reviewed | Engadget

I am in for one! If or no other reason than as a thank you to Wowwee for my ultra-cherished Elvis!

that is the “never get a boc delay”

Likewise. If I remember, I’ll come back in a few weeks and post a review.

Got one a couple years ago. It was a gift.

Totally worth it!

must be noone realizes this alternate day wootoff is going on yet.

these look great as gifts for my hard to pleae nephews. in for 2

oh magic 8-Ball,

will this be my 100th Woot?

At least this wootoff we all got a 24 hour rest hehe

In for one…looks cool enough.

What are the 6 batteries for?? The remote or the winged beast itself?

Demo video here:



both, the fly recharges from the remote, just like the li’l helicopters

I got one of these from a Woot a while ago. It’s a bit tricky to control, especially in a tight area, but fun when you do. It needs a 20X20 ft area that’s nearly dead calm.
It’s gotten out of control and flown over my house and into trees and then crashed. Thru all of that it’s still working fine.
I’m not sure this is state of the art radio control, but for this price how can you go wrong.

can this actually be flown well by a mere mortal?

Usually for the charging device. I have a tiny chopper that has six AA’s in its charging base and a small rechargeable in the chopper