WowWee FlyTech DragonFly

for me at my best it’s barely in control for 20 - 30 seconds. But my nephew did much better right off. Mainly, it needs room to swoop around.


Guess i’ll get a bunch of rechargables.

Hopefully it is not to hard to fly. My dogs chase birds all day and this will freak them out. In for one. :slight_smile:

39.99 plus on ebay…

I’m trying to buy this, and I can’t push the button. Could it be because my company still uses IE6 on Commodore 64s?

I have one of these. It fly’s pretty good but not nearly as well as the flying man they had out a while ago. Wish I could find that one again.

I think I was too late. Had to sign up for an account and apparently it passed while I was filling out my payment information. :frowning:

Six months later and I’m back with the dirt. This little guy is pretty cool once you get the hang of flying it. Here’s my notes on the experience:
[]The two joysticks on the remote control the flapping of the wings and the tail rotor.
]The hardest part is getting the launch right so you get enough lift to make the flight longer than a few seconds – the trick is to make sure the insect’s back is parallel to the ground.
[]The insect itself is very light, and the replaceable wings seem pretty durable (I’m still on the first set).
]You place the batteries into the remote control, and then it has a little dongle wire you can plug into the bug’s anus; each charge gives you maybe 5-10 minutes of good flying time.
Hope this helps! This provides hours of amusement for your favorite 8 year old – highly recommended.