WowWee MiP Robot - Silver

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WowWee MiP Robot - Silver
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days. (Wednesday, Jul 13 to Thursday, Jul 14) + transit
Condition: New


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A chance at crap followed by a slightly sneaky chance at crap.

yup, hidden code.
is it kosher to post the hidden code here?

Waiting Room of Doom. I wait.

$19.99 at toys-r-us…

2 waiting rooms at the same time. Did I break some law of physics?

since there are multiple chances at the boc, are you allowed to order more than one today?


so only one per user, per wootoff?

My patience in the waiting room of death was successful! Only my second bag of crap in my 5 years of wooting! Now I may be able to actually get some work done! And stop ending my sentances with exclamation points! Hooray!

One per user per 7 days

from the boc page :
Limit one bag per week per person.

Seriously! Your order won’t go through if you try to order another one, and if you try some funny business (like using a separate account) we’ll cancel your order. Yes we are jerks but we want everybody to experience the disappointment of crapping.

The exact soul-crushing answer I got was:
“You are only allowed to crap once per seven days. It’s painful, but necessary.”

Oh, so I’m in the vestibule of patience for no reason…

Guess I’ll hop on out, then. GOOD LUCK, PERSON BEHIND ME!

(edit) Oh, yah, look, it came up:

I actually had one wait from the one on the main page and one from the image and both came up to order. I was shocked. Of course the moment I ordered one, the other removed from my cart, but I actually got one. I think it has been 2 years or more since my last one.

edit: oh, and I bought the robot. I have a shopping illness.

wow, up over 10 minutes

and apparently posting the link is a no-no, so my apologies for offending the almighty Woot.

Also, this looks like a commandment. Are there others?
“This item is not for sale currently. Thou shalt not cheat the Woot-Off.”


GOT ONE! Finally.