WowWee Pink or Titanium Robopet

ugh more useless stuff


I would have bought one, if I could choose pink =/



Will this work with my Roomba?


i’m DEFINITELY going to buy 3. Maybe 6. or 9

ahh so cute!!

will it hump your leg?

I don’t even know what to say.

Wait, yes I do. Let there be 10,000 of these so I have time to run an errand.


The choice of the year:
Pink or Titanium Pet?
Neither is the bag.

is this from the same company that does those robosapiens?

I wonder if my roomba will fight to the death with this ting

Here kitty kitty…

wee wee?
Oui Oui…
Non Non


Vomit or something else

I’d love one, but not if there’s a chance it could be the pink one. I’d have to kill a pink one if it wandered onto my porch.


Does it come with a warranty from petco?