WowWee REV Deluxe

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WowWee REV Deluxe
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Great toy for kids. Controlled by two phones to have a fun. Download the free app from the Apple app store or Google Play store.

Anyone know how fast these go? What size are the cars? Estimated drive time before charge is needed? Thanks!

Well, crap. I thought the description said “BaconSense” technology. I would have been in for three if that was the case.

Avoid this company at all costs. Some of you may have remembered the Roovio debacle on here from this company and Woot a few years ago. Essentially they mailed out a bot they made that had nothing but manufacturer issues, battery issues, charging issues and run time issues. Long story short, the company did not stand behind the product and 99% of us were stuck with a brick. I still have my Roovio bot and it is still collecting dust as you cannot find replacement parts for the fault manufacturing unless you want to spend nearly $100 on items and shipping.

Do not give this company WowWee a dime for how they treated us here.


Around 500 posts going back and forth with Woot & WowWee just to have woot say that we can return the product to them at our own cost for a refund. Woot even admitted that WowWee did not offer any support and really dropped the balls in our mouth. What does it say about Woot that they allowed this company to screw so many of us yet continue to offer their products on almost a weekly basis?