Wowwee Roboquad Interactive Robot



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Wowwee Roboquad Interactive Robot
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Wowwee Roboquad Interactive Robot WW261

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weekend woots… always a treat… and as usual… can’t be beat… check useful linkage for Comparison Shopping links… woot wins again.


I should get this thing just so I can scare the crap out the cat.


Anyone know what kind of motors and “position sensors” these things have in them?


Gyromite ? Is this a compatible replacement ?


looks like a decepticon. i’d be careful, guys.


Just the component I needed to launch my plans for World Domination. Prepare to welcome your new robotic masters!


Come on man, this doesn’t even come close to Rob the Robot


Can it play frisbee like my dog?


i seen these at sharper image for $90… fun to play with liek the other wowwee toys

wish i had the money to spend on it, but gas prices eating at my “fun” money


I just saw this tonite in the Hammachler Schlemmer catalog for $89.95.


besides walking, what does it do?


I <3 Robbie!


What would happen if this met up with a roomba?


$79.99 at TRU (silver and black) amd $89.95 at Sharper Image (red)


Maybe if this guy was a few feet tall, woot!. Maybe.

For $50 bucks, I’m guessing you’d be lucky if it was 8"(that what she said! hah! :frowning: ).


Why would the robot have a microphone?


I guess so it can spy?

But wouldn’t it be more fun if YOU had the microphone and talk thru the robot…


Better or worse ? :slight_smile:


and does it taste as good when grilled? and i’m not intimating that i’d enjoy a grilled frisbee, that’s just sick, morally bankrupt type stuff.