WowWee Rovio

A WhatWee Whatio?



I got one of these last week. Same price. Hasn’t arrived yet.


Got one the last time it was up and is on the Fedex truck out for delivery today… ;o)

Jimmie FZ-30

I don’t get it?


I heard of the special on Good Morning America and by the time I logged in and signed up, the deal was gone. I’m so disappointed. I even gave my credit card info and wasn’t able to receive anything.

Shouldn’t this be on or something?

I’ve never understood why people continue to buy remote gizmos. It seems like they’d be entertaining for all of five minutes and then turn into an expensive dust collector.

That being said, everyone, please buy three to give to your kids, grand kids and neighbors so that we can move on to something more interesting.

but i want the spykee…

This thing seems less like a toy, and more like a “Spy on your immediate family” tool…

$20 less here.

A 2nd woot off? Am I missing something here

I am at work. What special was on Good Morning America?

And spy on my immediate family I shall!!!

Hmmmm… If a guy fitted a little tank on this and a way to empty it - you could call it a “WeeWee Rovio”…

So THIS is why I’m seeing all the cool gun offers on the woot sellout sidebar.

This item is great, a little short on battery power and camera has a few problems, speaker is a little crappy but if you need that girls locker room fix while safely in an area where you can do remote viewing, there is nothing finer than the WowWee Rovio!