Wrath Ex Anima Unoaked Chardonnay (6)

Wrath Ex Anima Unoaked Chardonnay 6-Pack
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2014 Wrath Ex Anima Chardonnay



Last week, I was driving with windows down on a rare warm day in Seattle. I caught a glimpse of something flying by when all of a sudden a bottle of 2014 Wrath Chardonnay landed in my lap. The monkey was audacious as usual but luckily the window was down so no shattered glass. My legs were slightly bruised but just a minor inconvenience while being granted the title of Lab Rat.

I placed the bottle in the fridge at work. Waited several days until coworkers could taste and provide feedback. Not paired with any food. Consensus follows.

Nose: Upon opening out of fridge (maybe a bit too cold), bright, floral/fresh fruit (some said cider, I said stone fruit). Absolutely no butter smell (great!). Slight citrus/grapefruit smell similar to Sauvignon Blanc.

Palate: Slight sweetness with peach tone (stone fruit) with an acidic and slight bitterness on the finish. In many ways like a Riesling crossed with a Sauvignon Blanc.

Over the next hour, it warmed up. The nose remained similar (bright, fresh fruit with cider overtones) but with some grassiness. The taste became a bit more acidic/bitter on the finish. Not as pleasant as when it was colder.

Summary: this is NOT a buttery Chardonnay. It also does not drink like any other non-oak Chardonnay. It drinks more like a Sauvignon Blanc with certain Riesling characteristics. Bright, crisp, refreshing and quite drinkable as it warmed up if one likes wines in the style described above. Would probably pair well with seafood on a hot day.

This is tempting. It’s so nice that more CA vintners are making drinkable chardonnay rather than the icky cougar juice that has prevailed for what seems like forever.
I abandoned CA chardonnay long ago for Chablis and the like…

Interesting rattage report! We actually just drank a bottle of the Wrath Ex Anima Sauvignon Blanc last night from a previous Woot offer, and liked it very much. I’m on the fence, though, as I’m really not a chardonnay fan (though I’m not familiar with unoaked styles).

Had this at a local Carmel restaurant and was blown away!! Even at retail, I ordered up a few bottles when I got home. Just ordered a case here. Great stuff and while it’s really good now, I expect it to be awesome in 2-3 years.

I totally agree this should not be drunk COLD. It’s perfect around 50-60 degrees. Wrath makes a point of mentioning that in the tasting room.

However, I don’t get any Sauv blanc characteristics. To me, I get pure unoaked chardonnay and it is in the style of other central coast unoaked chards like Clos Pepe, Epoch, Cypher, etc.

Chard! I lurrrrve me some chard!
Unoaked? What the? Why?

Resling?! ew. There has been one Riesling ever in my life that didn’t taste like dish detergent to me. Everyone’s like, “Ooooooh, Riesling! Nummm.” Nope, not this duck.

Sauv blanc? …s’nother ew.

Ugh, woot. You got my hopes up, but nvm. Not my thing. To all who love it, love on.

My partner and I started giggling madly as soon as we saw this offer. Wrath at a daily drinker price?!? SOLD. We’ve always loved Wrath’s wines and it will be nice to have some bottles of theirs that aren’t just “special occasion” wines.

>> It’s so nice that more CA vintners are making drinkable chardonnay rather than the icky cougar juice that has prevailed for what seems like forever.
I abandoned CA chardonnay long ago for Chablis and the like…<

Funny, when we first started getting into wine 20 years or so back, both of us really found (other than a few pricey ones), we did not like Chards at all.

Then as we tried more French wines and learned that chard was used in Champagne, Chablis, and Burgundy, etc. wines, we realized that we shouldn’t blame the poor grape. It was the CA wineries making the cheaper, thick, oaky mess, that we didn’t like.

It does seem like that era is ending and more CA wineries are trying to emulate French whites using Chards.

great comments - I love a good unoaked Chard. Can’s stand oaky malo chards, but this sounds great.

That’s been the method in a lot of French whites since… pretty much forever. Lets the grape shine through.
I suggest you go to a good wine shop and discuss your issues with this and the other varietals you mentioned - you are missing out on a lot of outstanding wine.
If your white consumption is purely oaked and buttery chardonnay… Time to expand your horizons.

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