Wrestling Match

It’s fixed, I tell ya’!

I can’t read the writeup, but I’m sure it’s hilarious.

Je ne comprends pas.

I prefer fighting in the octagon. I’ll pass.

I first thought this was a weird Pez dispenser.

Looks too much like Strongbad

Someone’s a little happy with the Google Translate today.

Ooooooh! Those other fighter’s got burned!


This gives a new meaning to “strike anywhere”.

i feel uncomfortable not being able to read the write up! why didn’t i pay attention in spanish class? WHY!? D:

It’s decent, but I primarily buy lucha shirts from Walmazan.

Guy needs to put on some weight.

That’s one mean luchador. Giving two of the matches the Bane-to-Batman treatment is bad enough; lighting the other one fire is just downright excessive.

This [reverse] description [also] Powered by Google Translate

Ladies and gentlemen! Introducing the king of the ring, a nickname that sounds cooler in English because it rhymes: the Fuel!

combust hits hard, hits fast, strike anywhere! It has already passed two rivals, and now attempts the impossible, especially free-fire achievements: the legendary Three on a Match!

The challenger is moving cautiously, putting their relationship with the power of the fuel. But the strikes champion! The fuel has taken over your opponent, and now it is upside down! Is he? Is he? He is! The fuel has beaten his enemy’s head on the canvas! The challenger cries filled the room! The crowd goes wild! Viva fuel!

The silhouetted audience behind the negative space ring really make this shirt for me.

3 Knockouts? Man that dude is on fire!

If the wrestlers feel underpaid, they can go on strike! Get it? Because you strike matches?


It’s clever and I like it, but it doesn’t work for me as a shirt :frowning:

Love the colors on heather, but a little too brutal for me. I can still hear them snap in half.