Writer’s Block







most creative slogan since the one about procrastinators where the list


Portland / Hillsboro (close enough) represent!!

Interesting design. Writer’s block. It’s blocky. Looks a little like pick up sticks.

Well played.


Funny for those who aren’t currently experiencing such a state.


Dunno what the cure for writer’s block is, but writer’s block is the cure for writer’s cramp!

Congrats, Rob! Did you ever submit this anywhere else? I think I’ve seen it before.


Totally drawing a blank thinking of what to say about this shirt.


I had to buy this shirt because right now I’m writing a paper, and upon having writer’s block I commenced onto woot to check out the next shirt.

This shirt and I was Destiny.


Oh, man, I have the perfect comment for this! It’s…


Not for me, but interesting and pretty well executed.


This shirt is so awesome its like, umm, uhh, it’s so…like a…whatchacallit…you know, it’s sort of like…?

Sigh, forgetit.


im a 17 year old high school student, in an advanced placement program. i write a lot. essays, project synopses, reports, etc. i think this shirt is just hilarious. im drying to buy it, but i really can’t stand heather gray. . .

(same problem with the shirt “It Came Out of Nowhere”)


Looks like that Playdo you squeeze out the little holes to make hair. Except, in this case, you make letters.


Haha, I love it. I just wish the slogan was a little faster to read, the 3D effect is pretty distracting.


Congrats, I saw this on your site a long time back, and I’m glad to see you finally managed to get it to print :slight_smile:


I can’t see it. My computer loads all the other images on every site–all the other woot sites, too–but this one image…

oi…it knows I’ll buy it if I see it. and I prolly don’t have enough in my bank account. But I think, from what I’m reading, an overdraw would be worth it.

Should I buy it without seeing it? I am a writer…


YEA! NaNoWriMo!



As a writer, I just may wear this to work some days, and when people ask me where xxx project is, I’ll just point at the shirt.