Wrong Item Delivered

Hi Fellow Wooters,

For the first time ever (long time Wooter) I received the wrong item delivered to my house. I sent an email to Woot and received a response that further communication from them would come, but that they are aware of the issue. I ordered the Breville Barista Express in red and they delivered the Breville Oven in Red. I am curious if anyone has had this happen recently and what the outcome was. Ultimately, I just want to receive the correct item and not a refund, but considering they sell out so quick, I am hoping that is still possible. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Hi there. I saw an email earlier in the day about this so it appears you are not alone. We’ve asked the Amazon fulfillment center to check that inventory to see what’s going on.

It can take a couple days to hear back from them and untangle the mess so please be patient.

Also, if you haven’t already, contact CS so you’re on the list.

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Thanks ThunderThighs. I contacted them already, but just wanted some peace of mind from the community. Fingers crossed. Thanks again.

You were supposed to be disappointed and you were.