Wrong item shipped [RESOLVED]

I ordered two cameras and a base station in July. I was shipped a single camera, which is not what I ordered.

I contacted customer support and was told more would be coming in and that my order would be shipped out soon and that I could send the wrong item back after I received my order.

Weeks went by, no replacement. At some point, I noticed a similar deal on the site (not identical, though) and I called for a status update. I was told my order would be sent soon.

I called back weeks after that asking when my order would ship. This was at the beginning of September. The rep told me that there must have been a miscommunication and that he would get my order shipped right out. He sent me an email with a tracking number before the call ended.

I check the tracking number every day on UPS. Nothing indicates it has been attached to a physical package. A week or so later I receive a generic email telling me my item won’t ship…

I decide to email customer support and explain the situation and my frustration. I ask for a manager to contact me. I get this instead:

"We’re sorry that we haven’t been able to address your concerns.

We understand that this situation has been frustrating but, unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer any additional help with this matter."

Signed by “Masarath.”

I replied to Masarath asking if he was a manager. I haven’t received a response.

It’s an understatement at this point to say I am disappointed and frustrated by how this has been handled.

How do I get in touch with a manager to have my concerns and situation addressed?

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Hi there. I’m sorry for the problems. We’re after hours here but I’ll check in with CS in the morning.

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Thank you. There should be notes on my account from my calls as well as the email conversation from last week.

Hi there. They told you back on the 8th that there was no inventory and you replied to that email.

Regardless, you should have another email from CS this morning.

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Hi there!

The issue has already been resolved, but for the record, I did reply to the email from the 8th (it’s in my timeline in the first message) and repeated my request to speak to a manager since I had been given conflicting stories for two months. That response was ignored by your rep, Masarath.

Regardless, I have no idea what your point is. Did you have something relevant to add? If not, please don’t respond. Thanks!

To other customers dealing with a customer service issue with Woot: The customer service manager resolved my issue the morning after I made the original post in this thread. My suggestion is make a public request to speak to management since it seems that the request will not be honored if you ask a support rep directly. Good luck.

ThunderThighs works for Woot and was trying to help you with your issue. I can’t say for sure, but I’m inclined to think she worked behind the scenes and is why you were able to get it resolved. At the very least, her intervention is why CS contacted you again. I’m not sure why you are so dismissive toward her but perhaps you should be thanking her instead.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

I expect competent customer service, especially from a company owned by Amazon. I received atrocious customer service over a span of two months. I should not have had to make a post in the forums to get the issue resolved.

The issue should have been escalated to a manager the first time I asked, not the third time.

If you read the thread objectively, I think it’s clear why I am taking issue with the last comment from the ThunderThighs account. Is it an individual account? Is it a staff account used by multiple people? I don’t know, I don’t care at this point.

I spent more time on the phone, in email, and in this forum getting the issue resolved than the original product was even worth. Repeating something back to me with less detail than I had already provided is unhelpful at best and I found it offensive.

Thanks for your insight. I appreciate your input. However, it’s very obvious we have different views on how customer service issues should be handled.

It’s an individual account.

I have no idea what happened between you and customer service so I can’t speak to that. ThunderThighs is Woot’s community manager and she stepped in when she was made aware of the issue by having the right people address it with you directly. I actually pointed her to it just after your comment was posted to make sure she saw it.

I understand you’re frustrated. I was only trying to point out there you did receive help from ThunderThighs as soon as she was able and, of course, she didn’t cause the problem in the first place.

There are actual people behind the usernames. As was pointed out, TT is an individual, as are all the Woot Staff who post here using their own accounts. I think the only exceptions are Wootbot and Wootybot, which are bots, as the names imply. Each Woot staff account is noted as such next to their usernames.

Have a good night. I’m glad your issue was resolved.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

Peacetec, I detailed my customer service experience issues in my first post. Any Woot staffer with access to the CRM or customer support desk can easily verify my accounting of what occurred. It’s not in question.

I did thank ThunderThighs. It’s my second message in the thread. It’s the follow-up message from ThunderThighs I took exception with. Perhaps it was written in haste or was just a quick reactive reply, and if that is the case, I apologize, but my comments on the poor experience still stand.

So again, thank you ThunderThighs, for your help in this. Peacetec, thanks for your help. Thank you, Jack in the Customer Service Escalations team, for looking at the situation after it was brought to your attention and immediately fixing it.

Thank you all for popping in.

@Gnashy - CS doesn’t monitor the forums. I escalated your case to my contact in CS. I do not have access to the customer service info so I go by what they tell me. And yes, Jack is a good guy.