WT-60T AMD FX, GT730, 8GB DDR3 Desktop

This is a horrible deal, shame on you woot. The exact same setup (including an OEM copy of Windows 7) costs $420 (including shipping). Also, PC makers often get $30 to $50 discount on Windows when buying from Microsoft. At a minimum, the maker is getting $140 profit for something that most people can do after watching a few youtube videos. Additionally, this is not a ‘gaming’ computer.

The 2GB 730 is a joke. There are cheaper nVidia 730’s available with 1GB of memory. 2GB is only needed if you’re running at higher resolutions or using high quality textures/models/etc. The problem is the 730 lacks enough processing power to handle anything at a decent resolution. You may be able to play older games at 1080 resolution on low to medium settings. They should have either removed the 730, used a 1GB 730 (and reduced the cost to purchase), or ditched the wifi and put in a slightly better video card. A radeon 250 costs only slightly more than the nVidia 730 but yields almost double the framerate in many titles.

Also, the picture for the WT-60T is incorrect. It shows a fairly beefy radeon (AMD) card. An nVidia 730 is a much smaller card that gives a direct clue to its diminutive graphics abilities.