WTF Pricing: Wednesday, 10/14/20


Starts 11am CT:

Activ Life Bicycle Tire Lights << SOLD OUT

Starts 12pm CT:

Heath Riles Sweet BBQ Rub

Starts 1pm CT:

Woot! BOC Miniblock Set

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  • There are only a few quantities at each price level. Not just one, but not dozens. A FEW. Each level will sell out really quickly. Most likely you’re not going to get one for $1. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW.

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  • You may get a message that your order has been denied or canceled. This just means that we ran out of inventory at that price before we could complete your order. Most likely this is going to happen, so just be ready for the disappointment.

And hey, if you ARE lucky enough to get the deal at one of the crazy-low prices, post about it in the thread below, or on social media, so other Wooters don’t think this is some bait and switch deal. We can say it’s not, but the internet never believes anyone. Help a Woot out, OK?




I can either get this kit for $1 + tax, or spend $9.21 and build it out of LEGO.


No use for that BBQ Rub (for several reasons), and I don’t need bike tire lights.

Oh well. I have no problem going 1 for 1.


So will you give up on getting the Legos? Because I kinda doubt you will give up on getting the Legos.

You clearly don’t know me that well if you have to ask that.

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I figured you would still do it. I was making conversation.

And I don’t have anything to give in return.

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I feel like something important is happening and I will miss out because I always do




I think he already has most of the legos.


Will the tire lights interfere with these things?

Will the BBQ rub taste good on carrots?

Do I need tiny pieces of plastic in my life?

What can I get at dairy queen for $3?


Well, it’s not really important. And I’m not sure missing out is really missing out… but there’s always tomorrow.

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Nothing. They charge out the ass for their shit.

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I haven’t been there in a long time. I don’t think I’ve gone out for lunch up here since March.

At home we don’t have a dairy queen.

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I haven’t been out in a restaurant since February. Help. And Dairy Queen may be more expensive here because of the tourists


I think I’ve been in a restaurant three times since March. It was fine each time.

I usually do take-out anyway.

They’re removing the vending machines from the office. Apparently the vendor isn’t getting enough profit from them. No big loss there.

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No more vending machines!? Quit now.

What’s a “restaurant”?

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Places where people eat. Sometimes penguins

Why wait!