WTF Pricing: Wednesday, 10/14/20

Ok, back from the crack doctor. What did I miss?

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Stuff is not selling and expiring because we’ve been working from home. I doubt they’d clean anything even if it had $20 stuck to it.

I hope your crack feels better soon.


I found the Lego pieces which I already had for the B0C bag.

Now I can go ahead and order the other pieces, so I can complete the bag.


What crack? Deep crack? Sore crack? Old crack?

@Froodyfrog any good amazon coupons/ deals/ rewards out there?

I don’t purchase things on on Prime Day, so I dunno.


I mean in general.



I haven’t looked.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to decide if I really want to get 2 t-shirts for $0.94

Eh. May as well.

I can always pick up the other 2 later tonight for $8.98

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Yes you should. You could always use more cheap clothing.

And let people think of me as cheap?

It’s because you’re molting. I tried to tell you earlier.

Fine. Write fancy on the tag. That’ll fool em.

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Back cracker. Feels so good.

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actually - one of them is a little “larger” than the other… but, when they are coming AT me, I have to look at the bells on their necks!!:rofl::rofl: one has a black bell, and the other a blue bell (the one w/the blue bell us the female, & her collar is also a “blingy” bracelet (I sell jewelry in the side) so as she grows it will get replaced w/something befitting a prissy-princess!! hehe (IF not that, I’m sure I’ll find her something!!) I’m waiting to see what I can fit the male with, as I also have “guy” bracelets too!!:rofl::rofl:
annnddd I’ll have more pics as they grow!! (I actually walked in the b.r. the other night and they were laying on the bed, & laying in such a way they made a V!!)