WTF Pricing: Wednesday, 9/16/20

$9.99 Exercise Ball SOLD OUT

Next Price Point is available.

I just bought another one. What am I even doing with my life? Actually, a friend will be taking one of them so I’ll have two but still.


Well I suppose I can share some more motivational exercise ball gifs…

I’m rubber and your glue…

What the Woot offices will look if they don’t sell all these balls…

5 minutes later at the same Woot office…

Wait for it…

Hold ma beer…

And my personal favorite…

It’s all fun and games until you end up naked.


If only some of those folks learned a thing or two about physics …

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There’s somebody else?


I’d like to donate the 44 cents Woot overcharged me to @ThunderThighs shoe fund. @davejlives Could you please make that happen?



I purchased the 1.0 version and I CAN confirm that I did not actually read it.

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You can get them to refund the $0.44 difference.

Use a different $1 item as a reference point.

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Your penguin gig is up. You’re actually a cat too.

I got a “new” rep when I emailed that I got charged for shipping even though I was using a Prime trial.

He told me how to connect my account.


(I mean, it’s not like I didn’t explicitly say at least twice, that I was using Prime.)

I was polite in my response, and sent a screenshot.

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Oh I got that same form letter. I do appreciate they added at the bottom that it’s ok to buy fast and regret…er get the shipping charges refunded.

This one didn’t say that.

Thankfully, there was no tax on the item, so I won’t have to fight that.

Well that’s good news.

Are you going to put in a ticket when your ball comes deflated?

Here’s what was at the bottom after all the crap about logging in with prime and mating accounts and uploading nudes…

“If you have done that and are still experiencing issues receiving your free shipping benefits, please let us know and we’ll be happy to assist. We also advise that you make your purchase without missing out on the deal and send us your order number and we can confirm your Prime status and refund the shipping.”

I’ve gotten that before, but not this time.

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Ya know, you could solve that whole sales tax thing by living in a state that doesn’t have any sales tax. Oregon doesn’t.

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But then she wouldn’t be able to come to my BBQs as easily.

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Has she been to any of them so far?

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I’ll take him!

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Is Oregon considered the Pacific Northweast?