WTF Pricing: Wednesday, 9/16/20

If you mean the Pacific Northwest, yes. But if you meant what you typed… um… maybe?

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It probably is.

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Hooray for the Northweast.


I was as well I’ve contacted customer service and hopefully will hear from them

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I have yet to receive anything I unsuspect and deserve. Just sayin’. And btb, you misspelled " 'Kat."


I also have yet to unsuspectingly get anything that I deserve.


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Hi there. I understand your frustration but let’s go easy on our CS reps, regardless of their nationality. The reps that help us keep your wait times down to hours and sometimes minutes. They answer hundreds of emails a day each so yes, they may get one wrong now and then.

I’m sure they searched tax in the CS knowledgebase and hit the wrong answer. We’ll get it righted.

People mostly post about a poor experience. We’ve got tons of customers that are happy with their CS interaction that don’t post.


Uh huh.

I was all ready to go 4/4. I clicked “order” and got a notice that my credit card that expires in 2021 was expired. :frowning:
Missed out on the tote.
Rather than connect another card, I just chalked it up to being 2020 and let it go.
I am guessing my ccard company may have thought that shenanigans were afoot, which, they would kind of have been right.
All is good. Maybe next time!

If I send you 51 cents will it make you happy?

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It’s the outside CS that consistently disappoints me.

I got an update on my refund request, and the shipping for the ball was successfully refunded.


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Pepper, let it go. Our CS peeps work very hard to help our customers. I worked CS at another place for over a year and it was by far the hardest job I’ve ever had.


What if we made one of the funhouse items one of these?



Speaking of which, in order to save time, could I just PM you the list of what I want at each coupon price point, and then have it all sent to me for free, without me having to actually be around later?

(Think along the lines of Chapter 1 of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.)

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Sounds like Woot! Primo

Sure. I’m the one who always has to let it go.

We both know it’s not going to get better.

I need more of the metal clicking button things!

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The dog training things? I loved those!

All the balls sold out.

There must be a BUNCH of 6’3" to 6’7" wooters around here! :slight_smile:

It would be fun to see videos of everyone using this inflated ball, rolling off, feet in the air, trying to stay balanced!

I got one before I realized just how large it was. The only person I know who is that tall lives in a teeny tiny apartment and would have zero space for such a large item. I think this will be an ebay item for me!

Still glad to have gotten it for a buck!

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