WTF Pricing: Wednesday, 9/16/20

More penguin stuff, an office chair, some catshirts … what else?

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Not telling you.

I’m suspicious.

My ball was delivered today.

(The shipping notice was sent at 3:19 PM yesterday.)

I think it came deflated.


I’m sorry for your loss of inflation.

I hope you win today.

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Poor penguin and his flaccid blue ball. Maybe he should see a doctor.


I think so. I’ll call Scooter’s doctor. She’s “fixed” his balls.

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I spent $10 on Woot today. I thought I was spending $15. So yeah. I’m going to need a box of those.

In return I’ll send you the 60 cents and key to a Ford ranger I have in my top desk drawer.

Edit: I spent 2 more dollars.


That is one amazing sentence. We should do random posts on Twitter to see how people respond.


That would be incredible. Do it.

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Already sent the idea to the rest of the team.



excellent mr burns

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Oooh like the “overheard in the office” posts.

I’d totally open Twitter for that.



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1.0 vs 2.0

1.0 vs 2.0

Notice 2.0 comes with a hole in the plastic bottom thing. Because why not?

It came well packaged, unlike the shirt.woot plush. Didn’t those used to come in a box?

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Don’t forget about the typo on 1.0

Did you notice 2.0 was backwards?

I got two of these cooler bags and am very happy with them. Too big for lunch bag but good for shopping in 95 degree heat in Louisiana.

Got home today and saw a box on my kitchen table. Even though I knew my Tote was arriving today, the box looked suspiciously like a BoC sized box. It really was just my Tote which I am excited to use next time I make a trip to do bulk shopping.
Lila is really enjoying my Woot! deliveries. She hopped in the box as soon as it was empty :grin:


I got my three totes today and they were all in boxes, too. One had air bubble padding things, though I’m not sure why. I figured they’d all come in bags.

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Sundae likes “her” insulated shopping bag