Würkin Stiffs Cases: The Umlautiest

Trick out your iPhone 4/4S so nobody will notice that it’s the older version with the 30-pin connector.

“iWürk is all natural and it likes to be handled with care at all times”


I’m scratching my head on this one. These are nice looking, but it appears that these are close outs: Wurkin Stiffs is getting out of this product line. I found only one review (Zappos) on this product: one star. The customer complained that the product didn’t fit the phone, and broke into pieces when he was trying to get it the rest of the way off.

These do look cool, though. My heart is saying yes, but my brain is saying stay the hell away.

I was wondering if these cases had texture, the walnut does not look like it. My brother had some version of the bamboo case. Looks awesome, but he said it made the phone very slick and it was constantly sliding out of his pocket.

That said…I really want the Walnut case, but I just ordered the iPhone5.

… and they conveniently double as miniature cutting boards. :confused:

Seriously though, I doubt these do much to protect the phone. If even the smallest amount of shock absorption is accounted for it’s barely anything. If anyone is still tempted to buy these, I suggest they go with the bamboo styles as they’re a softer wood than the walnut and will work only slightly better than nothing at all.

Hey does anyone remember that Futurama episode when Bender became afraid of technology and replaced his metal parts with wood? That’s what your phone will look like if you buy one of these for it.

hehe, Stiff wood

I bought one the last time it was on woot. ( 2 weeks ago) it was 40$ and the moment i put it on my phone it snapped. It would be cool if it actually fit right.

“sensabilities”?? For shame!!

It appears that your experience is not unique. I’m staying away.

Drop your phone and the case breaks instead of the phone? Is that the idea?

Looks awesome and quite a conversation piece (who has ever seen a wooden iPhone case). Unfortunately it only takes one 42 inch drop by a soon to be 10 year old and you are putting the old case back on.

I bought this case, Have it on now. Fits perfectly snug, and comes off with little effort! Looks fantastic, showed people at my work and they all thought it was really cool. Only problem is, I ordered the dark with light stripes and got the light with dark stripes. But, those are just small potatoes in a delicious pot roast dinner.

Mine arrived today. So tight, that as I got the top part half an inch on I could hear it creaking. Once on, I realized that it had cracked. Waste of money IMO. No wonder they’re not making them anymore.

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