Würkin Stiffs iPhone 4/4s Covers



Argyle or houndstooth to complete your hipster wardrobe?


I really wish my phone were larger and heavier. I know, I will attach a piece of wood to it!


Was uber excited to get my Argyle cover! I ripped off my old cover and put the new one right away. It went on pretty smoothly (very little umph was needed). It came time to charge my phone the next day and I needed to take the cover off.
I pulled and tugged for another day, and finally got it off because part of the cover snapped. Cover now broken… like my heart.


That seems like an awful short time before becoming not so useful. You should contact the manufacturer for a replacement, or let support@woot.com know.


Yeah, I fell for these over Christmas. They’re terrible. Hard to put on, hard to remove, and they shatter the first time you actually drop them. They also are too deep to accomodate most docks/chargers/adaptors, so you have to take off the bottom half just to charge it.

Wish I would’ve just spent $10 on a plastic case at the mall kiosk.


i did this exact same thing. however my case only partly broke, and i found a plug that JUST fit while the case was on… so… yeah. i’m still wondering how i’m gonna get this d*mn case off when i need to replace my phone…