Wurkin Stiffs RFID Wallet - Yellow



Umm, can we get more pictures or something?




Oh, that’s why they didn’t show us the rest of it!




It would also block my transit pass from being swiped on the reader, correct? So that would be a pain. Those who ride transit that use a chip will understand.


Thanks for the photos, almost bought it. Wow is that ugly.


Yeah, I was thinking that the stripes on the provided pic were where you would put your cards. Was considering getting one for my dad, but I love him.


RFID chips don’t constantly transmit, they are unpowered, and basically reflect radio waves from an active reader that sends a signal. Therefore if there is no reader nearby, no data is transmitted.


This wallet company is profiting off of your fear and lack of knowledge. Don’t let them.

This statement is misleading at best, “Credit and debit cards constantly transmit your personal information digitally through a radio frequency chip.”

First, not all cards have Near Field Reception (NFR) chips in them. It is becoming more common, but you know when you have it. If you always have to swipe the magnetic bar to pay with your credit card/debit card, then you don’t have one.

Second, the chips do not constantly transmit your information. A reader has to be placed close enough to read the information from the NFR chip. The reader scans the chip, just like a reader scans the magnetic strip when it is swiped. Your magnetic bar is not transmitting, the reader is reading. It is the same for “NFR” chips. They are not transmitting, readers are reading.

As anyone with a swipe to pay card/keyfob or a security keycard/fob will tell you, you have to get pretty close for them to work properly. Even if you do have a credit or debit card with a NFR chip in it, you don’t need this as long as you don’t let people rub your wallet with electronic devices.