Wusthof 8727 Crafter Block Set, 7-Piece, Acacia

Wusthof 8727 Crafter Block Set, 7-Piece, Acacia

I’m confused. All Wusthof knives have life time limited warranty. But the one here is new and has 90 days Woot warranty. So, what it the actual warranty for the product?

Woot (the seller) offers the 90 day warranty

Wustof (the manufacturer) has a lifetime warranty

Wootsoff (the event) is another story entirely

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Nice, I missed this one last time. Got it this time. The Crafter set seems like a much better choice (and discount) than the Epicure set.

Hi there. We pulled these from Amazon inventory. Since we’re not the original reseller, Wusthof may not honor their warranty so we added a Woot warranty.

The Epicure set is the way to go for just $24 more and one less knife. The full bolster is great.