X Games Snowboard and Bindings Bundle

229 on amazon
185 for a 138cm version at walmart

This is a great deal, but with boots you’ll still end up paying around 200. Most boards retail by themselves for around 200-250+, so if you have any doubts I would so go for it. The place where I board having my own gear paid for itself in 5 trips.

Snowboards (and skis) are one of those things that are worth paying the extra money to go to a store where staff that knows what you need can actually help you and make sure you walk out with what you need.

You’re going to be flying down a mountain of frozen water at about 25 miles per hour. Please put your life (and my life, since you can do even more damage to me if we collide) in the hands of professionals.

How about some Amazon linkage…


Unless you know what you’re looking for and don’t need expert help.

The description indicates that some assembly is required, so you should also factor in however much you might pay at a ski shop to have them put your bindings on. They probably won’t do it for free like they would if you were buying a board and bindings from them.

Does anyone have experience with the quality of these boards? Know who makes them? Flexibility?

The assembly is screw bindings to board. IF you need a shop to do it, which you won’t, it shouldn’t cost you more than $15 for a “tune-up” and $10 for a hot wax.

Hmm, these seem a little short. I’m a fairly lightweight guy (135 lbs) and I usually ride a 152cm

Also, make note of their specs on the 150:

Recommended Rider Height: 5’5” – 5’9”

Recommended Rider Weight: 120 – 210 lbs.

Generally your weight’s going to make more of a difference than your height.

Just to chime in real quick: these boards are pretty short. 80% of men are probably too large for them. For a general frame of reference, I’m 5’10" 160lb guy and usually go with something around 156cm. I don’t trust their sizing guide, it seems off… I’d only agree with the shortest/lightest side of their scale.

Calculating by weight, not height, is usually a bit more accurate, but you can figure out which board size to use here:

Overall, this is a cheap price. Not sure of the quality, but most beginner packages will start around $200+ for a really cheap board and bindings.

damn, was hoping for 164cm; my current board is pretty beat up :frowning:

Not to mention that this (even after buying boots) will pay for itself versus renting at the mountain in 3 or 4 trips…

It’s not brain surgery. Putting bindings on is very straight forward and I imagine any 2nd grade kid would probably be able to do it without any problems.

Caveat #2

If somehow you are very lightweight and you have a large shoe size (something like men’s 11+) you might have a problem with how narrow these boards are.

150cm board

Board Width (max): 11.125"

Board Width (min): 9.5"

The minimum waist being around 241mm could cause some problems with your boot hanging over the edges too much.

These boards are definitely sized more into the typical women’s range

In which case, you probably wouldn’t be looking at this bundle as a serious option to begin with.

If you want your kids’ boards to match yours, look no further than … well, you know where!

FWIW, I ride 143 and I’m 5’1"

These are definitely geared more towards women.

uh… 25 mph? you go pretty slow there then. 25 mph hitting a tree just makes you sore. now 60 mph and hitting a rock and flying is painful and concussive. experience