X-Mark 50-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell

**Item: **X-Mark 50-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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2/26/2013 - $109.00 (Woot Plus)

Solid reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Everyone buy 3!!! The fact that you can get $5 shipping for 150 pounds worth of goods is an astonishing deal!

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Good review(s) at Bestcovery.com

Weight adjusts from 10-50 lbs.

I am assuming this is in increments of 10 lbs?

according to amazon they are 5 lbs increments

edit: double checking I’m confused, part of amazon says “5 in 1” then another part says “9 weight settings” anyone know for sure?

From what I can see on Amazon, they have combined reviews for both the 25 lb set and the 50 lb set. The 25 lb adjusts in increments of 5 lbs and the 50 lb set in increments of 10 lbs (unless you are willing to use uneven weights).

teevoo is right on the money – here’s a diagram showing the adjustments in 10-lb increments. http://www.bayoufitness.com/1-xmark--50lb.-adjustable-dumbbell-xm-3307-1145

40 lbs ones are about $35-40 on the shelves…

This is not a good deal.

I just want to know is this just one Dumbell or a set?

Who buys just one (1) dumbbell? One kettlebell I can understand but why sell a single dumbbell?

A while back I got the BowFlex Selectech set (2 dumbbells, 2 holders and the stand) for < $280 + free shipping. That was a great deal, and (I think) a better product than this.

Might be worth waiting for a sale…

Bowflex’s deal is their annual sale that lasts 3 days at SOME point in March, its a good deal but anyone going for it be aware you are going to have to watch for it.

Perhaps. I see a couple $40 sets of adjustable dumbbells where you have to unscrew a nut and mount the plates yourself. The sets I’m looking at include 2 handles and 30 lbs total of plates. They would not give you 40 lbs per dumbbell (just FYI).

So yes, if you want to save money, buy one of those sets (and some extra plates to get you to 40-50 lbs per dumbbell). Frankly, though, when I’m doing a variety of exercises, unscrewing and redoing 4 different nuts and mounting/unmounting plates can get to be a REAL pain. I’m glad I spent the money on these, even though I bought them for like $20+ more per dumbbell when Amazon had a “deal” on them several weeks ago…

Just heard back. It adjusts in 10 lbs increments.

I have the bowflex set as well. Its extremely high quality and they can be adjusted in smaller increments. They are $300 on amazon and free prime shipping. I’d highly recommend that set if you’re willing to spend the extra $50/dumbbell.

I also have the Bowflex set. The only negative to the X-Mark set looks like that you can increment in 10 lb settings. The Bowflex I believe is 5 lb increments and even 2.5 lb when you get lower.

Any chance woot will offer the 25-pound version, for us women?