X-Mark 50-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell

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X-Mark 50-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell
Price: $109.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
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Condition: New


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X-Mark 50-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell
Price: $109.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Oh look. An adjustable dumbbell deal that’s not a scam.

Only one? Not such a good deal.

It is a good deal when they’re selling for around 130 EACH in other places…

This is not a good deal for only 1. It doesn’t matter what it sells for elsewhere, you can get equal or better quality PAIR of dumbbells for around $199. This makes this a bit more expensive than other competing products AND it means it isn’t actually a deal at all.

I guess if you are dead set on this particular model because your family member works there and you are brand loyal then you would save a few dollars.

I was excited when I saw the $110 price as I have been shopping for dumbbells recently and assumed it was for a pair however this is the modern woot prices not the woot of old days where we actually got a good deal. Double the qty and we would have something to talk about.

I love mine. Got them from Woot like 3 months ago for this exact same price. The sale is for ONE dumbbell, not two, so set your quantity to two if you need two.

This is a great price for ADJUSTABLE dumbbells. If you don’t care about that feature and you just need a set of 50lb only, then you can definitely get cheaper 50lb dummbells. Otherwise, you need to be 50s, 40s, 30s, 20s, and 10s individually which actually would cost a lot more than these.

I think they are all expensive, I’ll give you that. However, given that the set I want is $400 each, this isn’t bad, even at full price. Granted the one I want is a bit nicer. I wish they were all far cheaper.

How does this compare against other adjustable dumbbells? For instance, this set on ebay. It’s almost half the cost, but I’m concerned it’s almost half the quality (breaks easy, falls apart, etc). I just don’t know enough to make an informed decision myself :frowning:

$220 for a pair of dumbbells that adjust only in 10-pound increments? Not today. Or tomorrow…

In my opinion, I prefer the ebay set because they are individual plates that are collared on. Perhaps more tedious to adjust, but the increments you can adjust them for is much more versatile. The pieces there state they are cast iron so they should be fine. No plastic parts to break.

Owned these…and almost immediately returned them…two reasons.

  1. The locking mechanism is clumsy to use and slips all the time…I’m not throwing up massive amount of weights…but when I had 3 plates on the dumbbell, they moved a great deal AND it felt very unsafe and secure. Dropping a plate on your toe would be a bad thing I imagine.

  2. 10-pound increments was not enough flexibility for what I was using them for. If you want to do curls at 30 for 12 sets, then 25 for 12 sets, then 20 for 12 sets…traditional strength and endurance set…you can’t because you can only go from 30 to 20…which means your 2nd set is too easy and doesn’t help with the endurance as much as you’d like with a 5-lb stepdown routine.

I ended up paying about 20% more for the Weider Speed weight system and it was well worth the extra money. Weights are very secure, 5 lb. increments are easy to select and change out and plus you get a cool stand that keeps them off the floor.

Skipping this deal and hitting up Walmart.com for the Weider equivalent would be my STRONG recommendation.

Good luck!

I don’t like this new trend on Woot of offering things they’ve already sold, but now for more money. It’s happened on a few items the past couple of months.

Bought these awhile back for $99 each I think. Well worth it. Metal handles, plates don’t clink around when I’m lifting. Considering these would cost about $220, and bowflex are at best $300 unless you can find a great once a year sale for maybe $280, these are worth it. I adjust mine in 5 pound increments by mismatching the weights on each side and adjust my grip position. Works great.