X-treme National Park

Pretty stupid picture of the T-shirt.

Unlike most, it’s not expandable.

I can see the bear on the ATV, which is cool…but can’t even read the caption on the T-shirt.

Looks like it could be a GREAT T, but without being able to see the actual full graphics, no way in hell would I buy it.

(…and I’m a sucker for Woot T-shirts, having bought well over a hundred over the years, likely over 200).

I found a larger image. The sign says X-Treme National Park. Bears Explosions Fun. https://shirt.woot.com/offers/x-treme-nation-park-remix?ref=cnt_ctlg_dgn_8

totally agree on the image - can’t see much of anything but the bear
thanks for the link to a good view of it infobrat

Not sure why the second image didn’t show up for this one. Sorry, folks. It’s been fixed. Thanks!