X Winery 2009 Pinot Noir Carneros - 3 Pack

X Winery 2009 Pinot Noir Carneros - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 2009 Pinot Noir Carneros
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Here’s the direct link to the 2009 on their website: here

Price from X-Winery is $26.99 per bottle (80.97 for 3) before shipping so you’re saving $30 off the bat, add the fact that they have variable shipping depending on the state which seems to vary between $24 and $30 depending on the state and this is a great deal.

Edit: Forgot to mention that you also have sales tax from them for every state so add that to the previous numbers.

3 XXX’s ,someone rolled a turkey!

MD is back baby!

I just had a pinot from X winery the other weekend in Charleston, SC. I don’t think it was the 2009, but regardless, it was DEEEElicious. Definitely in for one!

Affordable Pinot that ships to MD = my first winewoot. Done and done.

Scored an 87 on Wine Enthusiast… sounds like it could handle a couple of more years in the bottle as well.

X winery makes solid “drink now” wines that are very big and fruit forward, but with a decent enough balance to not be a fruit bomb.

My favorite of theirs is the Red X blend, but the pinot would be second.

They’re not the most elegant wines I’ve had, but very enjoyable. Debating how many to get, it’s always so hard to wait with summer shipping.

Also a fan of their red blend. Definitely a drink now, a little spendy for a mediocre pinot noir, though.

Please - can we not say “mediocre”? How about this phrasing?

> It is $19 a bottle, for Pinot Noir that is not exceptional.

Having said that – in VA, $19 for a decent Pinot is not a bad price. Most of the better west coast Pinot Noir go for at least $22-$25 a bottle. I found a '05 Iron Horse Pinot last year, and it was selling for $45.

Plus most of what gets to the east coast is only the mass producers, not the smaller producers that might put a bit more craft into the wine. For example, Buena Vista Pinot Noir can be found in the stores, but it is their low end mass produced for about $26. It is decent, but not up to their estate bottled wines.

Ok, this is just my .02, take it as you will.

HEY, enough already with the pinot noirs. Need a replay of Sideways?

Grats to you!! Welcome to the community. You’ll get your WW Anonymous patch shortly. LOL!

Once again the preachers and moonshiners of Tennessee are in complete agreement. They are both against legalized alcoholic beverages…especially those delivered to your door by WOOT!

After drinking all 3 bottles things may get X-rated.

No woot wine for Wisconsin this time?

Sadly no. Wisconsin is an incredibly expensive Direct Ship state and we are too small to have all of the licenses. As we get bigger we will continue to evaluate new states for direct shipping.

Yes, this Pinot is definitely good for a few years of bottle age. We’d put it at drinking best 2012-2014. It all starts with great fruit coming from the Truchard Family. We don’t have to manipulate the fruit at all. Some solid barrel aging and poof…great single vineyard Pinot! We blind tasted this with some other estate Pinots that cost $10-20 more and we were right on par with quality.

I know a lot of you know this, but Pinot is one of the most expensive grapes to produce. All those $15 and under Pinots are either 1) buying fruit from places that don’t make good Pinot and manipulating it or 2) adding in Syrah to keep the costs down. It’s our job to find fruit at a price that makes your bottle price the best we can. This Pinot is 100% Truchard Vineyard Pinot with no artificial flavors or colors.