X Winery - 3 Pack

X Winery - 3 Pack
$48.99 + $5 shipping
1 2006 Amicus Spring Mountain Special Blend
1 2009 Zinfandel Lake County
1 2009 White X North Coast
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Winery website

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How is the Spring mountain blend? Anybody tried it?

I wonder if drinking the two X winery bottles will help me with my crossfit training

Here is some info on the White X from the winery website:
BLEND: 49% Sauvignon Blanc, 25% Albariño, 20% Muscat Blanc, 6% Chardonnay
ALC: 13.9%
LENGTH OF FERMENTATION: 9 months in Stainless
pH: 3.29

Supposedly, it’s good with asian food, fish, and salads.


This was the most tired woot off in a while. Is there a takeover looming?

Agreed. I saved all sorts of money today. Saving the best for last?

How do you know it’s only today?

Since there was no creature yet, it looks as if this will go at least one more day, so I think you might be right. If they put the autobuys up first, our pockets would be empty when the “hmmm, interesting” offers came up.

Just when you thought your wallet was safe (theme from “Jaws” plays)…

Yes - it could be tomorrow, if you’re seated backwards on a plane.

Here is the CT link for the X Winery Nova Vineyard Zinfandel:

Here are some stats from the winery:
ALC: 14.5%
MATURATION: 12 months, in 30% new, 60% French and 40% American
pH: 3.72

So that lambda is supposed to be an A? This is blasphemy! This is madness!

They don’t always offer a bag of crap…do they? I’m pretty sure I have seen Woot-Off’s without a bag.

We can only hope all of you are right. Today, at least for me, was pretty meh. Within the last few weeks, we had some outstanding autobuys, so what could we expect now? My wish list would include anything from Corison and the Cavedoni Balsamic.

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Quality post!

I have two quality posts. I have no idea what I said that was so deserving.