X Winery Cabernet - Three Pack

X Winery Cabernet - Three Pack
$59.99+ $5 shipping

1 2006 Amicus Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2007 X Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2007 “X3”Tri-County Cabernet Sauvignon

CT links above. The Amicus alone runs nearly $40 in CellarTracker.

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Previous Offer Forum:
7/1/09 (different wines)

is this a kosher mystery?

No Tennessee… again!

WD is making it pretty difficult to not buy more wine. $98 from the winery list price for $60 + shipping. Not too shabby…

The Amicus is $55 from their website.

I’m gonna need some serious ratters to play this one up for me.

Which probably suggests the $55 is the sticker price, but no one is actually paying it.

Regardless, looks like a fair deal. A $10 Cab to drink now, a $20 Cab to drink soon, and a $30 Cab to drink later.

good luck with that.

Oh so true…Here I go again.

God help me I do love it so!

Bought some from the last woot offer. Great wines. Smooth, jammy, balanced. People pleaser for sure. But why no shipping to AZ this time? Argh!

I am GLUTTED with cab in my cellar. Why should I get this one?

I’ll admit the Amicus sounds great, but I really don’t need the other two, not enough ratings and comments on CT…gah. I would love to hear from those who have had wines by this producer.

I forget that we don’t have rats all the time anymore.

Two questions:

Drinking window for each?

Style? Jammy fruit bomb? Elegant age-worthy wine?

Well, three. Where the hell is Jimmy Hoffa? But that’s for another day.

I just really like the bottles. If anyone wants to send me their old X bottles, I’d pay shipping. I’ll send you cigars, too, if you’re into it.

They only rat the Monday deal you douche.

These guys really know hw to spread themselves over the internets. Here are two videos they made about:
Red X 2007; and
Amicus Spring Mountain Cab.

EDIT - also the X3

I think Reed Renaudin could do with a better clothing designer, however.

I’ve unearthed (EDIT) four reviews which give some idea as to the style, as well as the different street pricing for each (from 14 for cheapest to 55 for the Amicus, and some history. The Amicus can be kept: see reviews.

Not much on the exact vintages, but the previous year may be comparable.
This wine club notes the '05 Amicus received 91 points from Parker and as one of the 50 Great Wines of 2008 by Fredric Koeppel, and gives Parker’s comments too. Also an interview with the winemaker as to the naming of the X and Amicus brands.

Second in these two is a review of the 05 Amicus including “Spice, leathery tannins and minerals assail the nose and fill the mouth; the wine offers incredible density and concentration, embodied in a core of very intense bitter chocolate, macerated black currants, lavender and granite…”
And it continues, but I’m not posting the whole lot!

Third is an interview with Renaudin with some editorial insight into his mindset, and some descriptions of the oldest vintages.

Lastly (EDIT) is a Sewdish blog review of the makers, opinions on the wines and a full breakdown of the grapes.

Just a reminder that the Monday offer (Stolpman Sangio) will be available all week (unless it sells out that is) until Sunday. Rats hare started reporting in on it.

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